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March 6, 2017

Eventex 2017: Partner Kaleidoscope

Eventex 2017: Partner Kaleidoscope

The 9th edition of Eventex brought together some of the movers and shakers of the event industry in the beautiful city of Dublin.The awe-inspiring crowd of meeting planners, event designers, marketing and PR specialists, communication and hospitality professionals, producers and even artists got together for three days of inspiration, education and fun.

Ireland - where hospitality is a way of life

What makes the perfect event destination? Cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art infrastructure, beautiful scenery, unique hospitality and culture? Ireland has it all. And Meet in Ireland has all the resources to help you organise the perfect event, including a suite of financial and practical supports to organise international conferences, unique corporate meetings, inspiring incentives and dazzling celebrations.

Ireland’s capital is an eventful city, full of life, history, culture but also modernity and colours, exactly how we’ve envisioned Eventex throughout the years which made Dublin the obvious choice for our event.

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Croke Park - love at first site inspection

Croke Park is truly an iconic and inspiring venue. It is a place of winners and therefore, the perfect place for Eventex Awards and Masterclasses. When not hosting sports games, historic matches or large-scale concerts, the place is available for business meetings, incentives and celebrations.

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Just steps away from the stadium, the four-star Croke Park Hotel is always full of business and leisure travellers. The hotel’s lively bar, restaurant and outdoor terrace also attract locals with live music and summer barbecues.


The event masterclass programme was moderated by Hans Etman of Masters in Moderation. At the opening, he inspired the participants from the get-go with the creation of an origami-style booklet. Hans also masterfully handled the Mash Sessions which summed up each of the masterclasses and allowed participants to exchange knowledge, useful tips and funny stories as well as relax through meditation and contemplating.

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This year, Eventex was more artistic than ever. Apart from some hidden talents among the participants, the event featured quite a few talented musicians, dancers and sketch artists, charged with the task to inspire the audience.

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At the Global Event Awards gala, hosted by Mark Jones, the guests were immersed into the Irish spirit with the performances by Slide Step Irish Dance Company and L.E.D Live Electric Drummers by 360 Entertainment. The entertainment programme was complemented by the sophisticated, yet modern sax and violin of the Mabea duo. Souvenirs from the event were available in the form of animated portraits created by the talented hand of Elke Reva Sudin of UK Drawing Booth.


It goes without saying, digital technology has become so omnipresent that it now drives most aspects of meetings - marketing, communication, planning, design, budgeting, evaluation, sustainability etc.

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This year our partners showcased event management solutions in the following areas:Check-in & RegistrationEventex 2017 was powered by the unified event platform Weemss. The complete event solution helped us manage everything better, faster, and easier - from registration, to attendee communication and on-site check-in, the platform shined every step of the way. We used the new Awards Management solution from Weemss to handle all processes for Eventex Awards. The service performed amazingly not only for us but also for the entrants and the competition judges. Entry registration and submissions were a joy to use for the entrants, while the judges loved how convenient and easy to use it was to rate entries.Many event planners want to keep using familiar databases and preferred ticketing providers. However, system flaws, budgets, and user experience issues demanded an alternative solution. Boomset allows conference planners and exhibitors the option for Lead Retrieval and attendee tracking in a snap via the Boomset Lead Retrieval App, and event professionals can encourage attendee participation by allowing them to make changes to their own itinerary at multi-session events. It’s an all-inclusive suite of apps for the best on-site event management and registration solutions.

Audience engagement

Attendify helps event planners build deeper relationships with their attendees through engaging, social-first mobile event apps. That's why it was yet again our preferred app for Eventex. The solution is customizable and lets you select your own features by simply dragging and dropping to create the framework of your custom-branded app. Uploading content is also easy - it can be entered manually or added in bulk from Excel or using the open API. Every app created with Attendify is a fully featured private social network which is deeply integrated with a robust event guide. The attendee data captured can help event planners measure every aspect of their event experiences and catch problems early to optimize outcomes. Sponsored posts help drive leads for sponsors and exhibitors. In addition, the latest integrated lead retrieval solution delivers social signals and encourages exhibitor <> attendee interactions to drive ROI like never before.Over 10 years after social media appeared alongside broadcast media, almost every conference presentation is still ‘broadcast’ to a largely passive audience, at best with feedback through polls and Q&A. Rhizome Live transforms conference presentations into global conversations. The hybrid format energises attendees, all networking and interacting with each other, whilst engaging a vast online audience. Everyone can contribute throughout, everyone interacts with each other, and it can engage a huge online audience. InfrastructureUKCharge kept attendees all charged up throughout the event. The technology provides secure mobile phone charging units for events across the UK. It offers a unique advertising and data capture opportunity for event sponsors to keep in touch with their guests and make sure people are charged and connected throughout.We would like to thank all partners that helped us gather such an enthusiastic crowd at Eventex and once again inspire eventprofs to create memorable and engaging experiences.We wouldn't have done it without you!

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