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November 8, 2022

Eventex 2017 Jury Yearbook: Teresa Matamoros

President at Meetings Partner LLC

An expert in the areas of product development and destination marketing, also a tango dancer, traveller, music, wine & food lover!!Favourite line from a song:"Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans” is part of the song Beautiful Boy from John Lennon.. I love it because it’s a great reminder to stay in the present moment and enjoy every instant of our lives.The title of a film about you:"A relentless search for sunshine "Current project:Developing business opportunities for Tokyo Conventions and Visitors BureauName one thing that inspired you at an event you attended:I heard a speaker talk about human networks and how our brain is the key of how we perceive our life. What we feed our brains with, along with the people that we include in our life, are the key factor to make our lives richer, fuller brighter and better. Least favourite thing about events:How much they tend to look alike regardless … events are unique and I think in general there a lot of missed opportunities of customization.What event would you go back in time for?Woodstock Music & Art Fair— August 15 to 18, 1969One thing you can’t live without?I can’t imagine life without music.Perfection is…. an illusion.Curiosity is… the driving force to human development.If I had a nickel… every time I laugh, I’ll be rich and my belly will really hurt.Walking a straight line… prevents you from the joy of getting lost.VR or RV? RV… I think the world is still beautiful and I want to see it.Brain teaser or no-brainer? Brain teaser, makes you question your ideas and that good exercise for your brain.Frontstage or backstage? Frontstage, why lie? I like the attention.Describe the Eventex experience in 1 word: CreativityWhat question do you wish we’d asked?If you could have dinner with any person in the history of humanity… who would you like t have dinner with?Leonardo Da Vinci, because I speak Italian and I’m pretty sure he was a very cool guy.

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