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November 15, 2016

Eventex 2017 Jury Yearbook: Olga Krzemińska-Zasadzka

Eventex 2017 Jury Yearbook: Olga Krzemińska-Zasadzka
Managing Director at Power AgencyVice-president of the Association of the Event Industry (SBE) in Poland

Hard work can move mountains. Despite many hardships, sleepless nights and demanding clients, I would not change my profession to any other. Passionate about travel and sport in all its forms: ski boards, bikes, kites, diving squash.

Favourite quote:"Live as if you gonna die tomorrow. Dream as you would live forever”. I saw this one on one of the cars during a moto show event some years ago, at the very beginning of my career. It was an activity for one of our clients. I've seen it, and I love it.

The title of a film about you:"Be fast, be strong. Believe in your ideals"

Current project:Right now, I'm working on an advertising campaign for one of our clients. I'm also preparing a 2-year marketing campaign for another client. Our agency is growing so fast. Our clients expect us to expand our qualifications and services, that's one of the things I'm paying a lot of attention to. It's very important, because constant development of our services creates the right momentum for our business.

Name one thing that inspired you at an event you attended:I believe that a good event should be a moment in which something important happens. The momentum – something that moves people, it is personal and authentic. Momentum is a term that is commonly used in sport, and sport is my first passion. When a team is on the momentum it means it is on the move and is going to be hard to stop it.In the case of events it means the possibility of causing other people to change their li feor that something remains in their memories for a lifetime. This is the kind of an event that I admire and I'm looking forward to attend and create Least favourite thing about events:The dark side of working in the event industry is alcohol. Moderation is a general rule, but still there are cases when we have to deal with drunk people and that makes our work harder. It's something that has to be done the right way - be assertive and firm at the same time. It's an open secret in this business, hard topic which nobody wants to address. You have to approach it in the right way. Under the influence of alcohol people often become incalculable and rude, they behave very differently, than if they would never drink alcohol. We work on this topic a lot, it's one of the hardest “managing problems” on the shelve.What event would you go back in time for?Once I was taking part in a trip where most of the crew were blind or visually impaired people. It was a cruise on the Baltic Sea, not very enjoyable, the yacht wasn't well prepared for the guests. It was such a pity.I and others who could see very well learned a lot from those who couldn’t see. I would like to repeat that experience one day but on a better prepared yacht and in a warmer climate. I would like to see their happiness.

One item you can’t live without?There are many things. Actually, no. It's not about things. There are many people... I cannot live without my family, so I try not to leave them for long. I always miss them so much. On the other side it is also hard to stay away from work for a long time. I love my job. I rest during summer holidays. I always go for organized holidays. I don't like to organize holidays for myself. This is a time for a break for me.

Perfection is…. a profession necessity of an event manager and an incentive travel manager.

Curiosity is… I don’t like people who interfere too much in my private life, when they are not supposed to.So for me, it's somewhere on the other side of professionalism. Professionalism is about building relations, but this is a very subtle matter. It's very professional to pay attention to the other person, but you always have to know how far you can go. I admire people who have the feeling for it, they can sense the line and never cross it. I cans see it, they know it. In fact this is a thing that creates a lot of good and trust.

If I had a nickel… for every time I lost my glasses, I would be very rich.Walking a straight line… Always. And I'm always a driver.

VR or RV? RV, of course. But I wouldn't mind both. You never know!

Brain teaser or no-brainer? A brain teaser, believe me. A big brain teaser. We are all big brains, but quite creative and with sense of humor, at least. It makes life easier. Putting all the things together needs big brains.On the other side I like spontaneous people, too. But I believe it is somehow connected to the intelligence. Many intelligent people are spontaneous. It's true. Look at Albert Einstein!

Frontstage or backstage? It depends when. I am rather a person who doesn’t like to be in the spotlight. But because of what I do sometimes I have to be in the spotlight.I can be at the frontstage for a moment, as a guest, but nevertheless, I'm always at the backstage. That's my place of work.

Describe the Eventex experience in 1 word: Smart!

What question do you wish we’d asked?Why Power?Because we have power. That's our attitude. We also believe in a change, in fun, and in our profession. We want to make the difference in the event industry and in the incentive market.Since 1997 we have been acquiring essential experience and know-how coordinating broadly defined sports and recreational undertakings. It is our passion.

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