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October 8, 2016

Eventex 2017 Jury Yearbook: Christoph Tessmar

Eventex 2017 Jury Yearbook: Christoph Tessmar
Director of Barcelona Convention Bureau

Initially started a professional career in the pharmaceutical industry as area manager for South American countries but in 1990 moved to Barcelona where he got into the events industry. Now an established eventprof having organized and coordinated hundreds of national and international congresses, product presentations, symposia, sales conventions and booth designs.aka: During my time in Germany I had the nickname Tessi, here I am the German.Favourite quote:"And bad mistakes I've made a few, I've had my share of sand kicked in my face but I've come through" - We Are the Champions, QueenThe title of a film about you:Amadeus (but I am not as crazy as Mozart was)Current project:To maintain Barcelona´s top position as MICE destination.Name one thing that inspired you at an event you attended:Very low attendance at my first general assembly of the Convention Bureau. It was clear that many things had to change.Least favourite thing about events:Flight delays and traffic jam.What event would you go back in time for?Summer Olympics in Barcelona 1992.One item you can’t live without?iPad (for my big number of travels along the year)Perfection is…. impossible and doesn't exist unless some people think they are perfect.Curiosity is… good. I prefer people who are always curious about learning something new.If I had a nickel… I would give it to someone who needs it more than I do.Walking a straight line… brings a lot of success and recognition. I've always tried to go straight.VR or RV? VRBrain teaser or no-brainer? Brain teaser.Frontstage or backstage? Backstage but I have to be frontstage very often.Describe the Eventex experience in 1 word: Creativity.What question do you wish we’d asked?What is the thing you most like form your job?All these wonderful people I have met during the past years.

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