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February 16, 2015

Creative Chaos, Used to Generate Unique Event Experiences

Creative Chaos, Used to Generate Unique Event Experiences

Meet another great professional, speaking at Eventex Congress 2015! James Morgan - the affiliate chair for EMEA International Special Events Society, responsible for the management and operations in the region. James has a busy schedule but is constantly striving to develop the event industry worldwide through his consultancy business, voluntary work and endless passion for educating event professionals. See what he shared with the Eventex Team!How does your job relate to the event industry?Besides lecturing on events at the University of Westminster, I am also heavily involved in developing event concepts for private and corporate clients. This involves advising clients on strategic issues as well as production design.What are your most important duties?Providing the right event concepts to meet client briefs is the most important duty. The process involves discussing the clients objectives for an event and how best to meet those objectives whilst making sure that the people that attend have a positive experience.How do you describe your work style?Can I say creative chaos? I do plan but there are always new ideas on how to represent an idea and I always inform the client to see if they are happy to improve the concepts so that the attendees experience is unique.What is the biggest professional risk you have taken?I was once asked to organise an event at an airfield. It was the middle of winter and it had been snowing. It was a low budget event. I wasn’t sure if the snow was going to melt in time for the event or if it would snow again. Snow was a problem for access to the airfield. I decided not to hire an expensive snow plough and luckily the snow melted and everybody was able to drive up the road to the airfield.How do you see the growth in the European event market?Growth is set to increase. The reliance of advertising companies and brands on our industry to create engaging live content to facilitate conversations between brands and consumers is on the rise. Social media is mainly responsible for this alongside the need to create relationships between producers and consumers.What do you like the most about Eventex Congress 2015?The congress facilitates the meeting and networking of event professionals from all over Europe. The impact of having an international network creates business as well as knowledge exchange opportunities. I would recommend attending Eventex.Can you give us a brief outline of what you are presenting at Eventex Congress 2015?I will be talking about using storytelling to create greater audience engagement and sales. The storytelling process starts with pre-event marketing around a storyline. The start of the story encourages greater attendance and sales. The main part of the story encourages greater engagement with the event message, with the story continuing post-event. Using stories that engage people emotionally and connect them to the messages an event wants to portray can be created by event producers.

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