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November 8, 2022

Brace Yourselves - Eventex 2017 Programme is Here

After the middle of August we all get this familiar feeling - days get shorter, we have more rain, you’re getting tired from all this sun and warm weather… OK, except for the last one. This is a phenomenon that has been quite popular in recent years especially in some books and TV series - Winter is coming!But unlike in the fictional world of Game of Thrones, this winter is not going to be decades long and unbearably cold, just the opposite. The team of Eventex 2017 is giving you one more reason to look forward to winter time, apart from all the Christmas cookies and presents, of course. The last days of January offer an amazing opportunity for the eventprof community. You already know how entertaining and useful this conference will be, but what’s better than seeing all the details, masterclasses and starting times of the parties? What’s better than having a programme of the event five months in advance?You see, we know our stuff. You can see the detailed programme for Eventex 2017 or if you want go directly to the ticket section. No need to worry whether this event is going to be worth it. You know the programme just in time to buy the discounted tickets and with the money saved, spend more time getting some healthy Vitamin D at the beach.

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