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November 8, 2022

Another 10 Reasons to Participate in Eventex Awards

Every year, Eventex Awards highlights the best from the world of events and becomes a source for new ideas and inspiration in the industry. As an event professional, meeting planner, promoter or a live communication professional, you have plenty of reasons to participate in the competition. Here are 10 more reasons, again in no particular order, why you’d want to participate in the most prestigious global event awards this side of the North pole:

Go for prestige

Eventex Awards is one of the most prestigious global competitions in the world of events. If you don’t get a winner’s trophy, simply participating and being a finalist speaks volumes of your outstanding work and professionalism. As a finalist you also get a certificate of excellence and a digital badge to impress your current and potential clients!

New partnerships

This can’t be said enough times. Awards open a lot of doors for your organization. Participating in Eventex Awards can create new long-lasting partnerships within your industry and possibly with companies outside of it as well. Such strategic business partnerships can give you a competitive advantage, not to mention extra resources to produce cutting-edge event experiences. Every little bit helps!

It’s probably in the budget

Your company likely already has a budget for participating in such international awards, so you might as well go for it! Especially since the allocated budget usually has to be utilised within a given period, otherwise it’s lost. Needless to say, there’s a good reason (or 20) why companies have a budget specifically for award competitions - participating is great for business, even if you don’t win in the end!

Employee engagement

Participating in an awards competition boosts team morale and resonates in the workplace, which also improves the team’s productivity. Knowing that their work is recognized as one of the best, or working for a company that is among the best can spur your colleagues to produce even better results.

Social media buzz

We all know how important social media is nowadays - the more active and attractive your channels are, the more attention your brand is getting and the better your business is doing. This makes participating in an awards competitions so enticing. Eventex Awards generate a ton of buzz on Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, etc. Needless to say, this bodes well for your social media presence.

Showcase your creativity

Eventex Awards is a platform for showcasing creativity and expertise. This is quite important for one key reason. Your current and potential clients would feel more confident in your organization, if they know your team is full of ideas and has the necessary know-how to deliver what’s required. The more confident they are in your qualities, the more likely it is they will choose you over the competition.

Global reach

Eventually, every business either wants to go global or is already on the international market, but needs to improve its market penetration. Over the past 7 years, Eventex Awards has become one of the most recognized and prestigious competitions in the industry. As such it can give your company the push it needs to put its name on the map both locally and globally.

Directly impacts your work

Every year, Eventex Awards becomes the go-to source of ideas and inspiration for professionals in the industry. You get to learn about new trends, best practices and the latest innovations from the world of events. These can not only impact your performance in a most positive way but also help you find solutions to many of the challenges you face in your work.

A synonym for transparency

When it comes to awards competitions, transparency is of paramount importance. Eventex Awards is unrivalled in this department. Judges do not get to vote in a category where they have any affiliations with an entry. Each vote has to be accompanied by written commentary in regards to the score that’s given. Finally, after the winners have been announced, all entries are made public, along with the votes and comments of each member of the judging panel.

Level playing field

It’s important to make sure everyone has an equal chance of getting recognition for their work. Entries participating in Eventex Awards are rated for creativity & innovation, planning & execution as well as effectiveness & results. This means big and small companies alike compete on a level playing field. Scores are based on merit, not the size of the budget.

Register  your entries for Eventex Awards early to make use of the discounts we offer. Plus, this will give you plenty of time to create your winning entries before the November 15 submission deadline. Best of luck!

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