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January 26, 2017

7th Global Event Awards: Best Product Launch Finalists

7th Global Event Awards: Best Product Launch Finalists

Over the next couple of weeks, we will introduce you to the Eventex finalists - those extraordinary eventprofs who are competing for a Global Event Award. You will meet them in person come January 24, at the special gala ceremony at Croke park, but first, we would like to offer you a brief preview of their projects and products that transform events into cutting-edge experiences.

Best Product Launch Finalists


29 October, 2015 | Bratislava - Cunovo, Slovakia


Watch videoThe Art of 7 for BMW’s 7 Series was an exclusive 350 VIP guests event, that aimed to introduce the new model to the CEE market. The event marked the launch of the newest member of the BMW family on the Slovak market, and communicated its new features through 7 artistic values, showing BMW as a leading innovator within the automotive industry.Seven tailor-made interactive stages were created for the unique unveiling show at the Danubiana Art Gallery. The venue was chosen for its symbolical location - on a peninsula surrounded by the Danube River and on the border between three countries: Slovakia, Hungary, and Austria, to represent BMW’s dominant position on these markets.One of the highlights of the launch event was a 50m wide and 20m tall laser projection onto a water wall above the surface of the Danube - a symbol of the innovative lightning system in the Series 7. For BMW’s new Ambient air package, 500 aluminum cans with individual scents were prepared enclosed within the containers, which guests could take off the shelf and smell. A responsive ferrofluid (a liquid that becomes strongly magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field) statue was built to represent the Dynamics system. A mime presented the individual control inputs of BMW’s gesture control system via an interactive holographic projection.The exclusive launch event The Art of 7 successfully presented the brand new BMW 7 Series as art objects and the product’s values in the form of a live user experience. The show was televised on 5 different TV networks, covered in 3 automotive and 4 lifestyle magazines, and acknowledged by guests as the best brand oriented launch event in the CEE region.Read full entry

Come Hang with Us – Time Out and Team Building Activity Launch by Croke Park Meetings and Events

13 September, 2016 | Dublin, Ireland


To launch their new Time Out Activities at Croke Park Meetings & Events, the company partnered with The Adventure Agency to run a Croke Park fun and adventure day for agency and direct clients. That way they could experience the new range of activities first-hand.Croke Park Meetings & Events already offer a variety of tailored events from dressing room pep talks to stadium and GAA Museum tours. However, they wanted to offer something new and unique to their clients. So they gave clients another compelling reason to select Croke Park with a package of options for team building activities.Having identified a market for developing Croke Park Meetings & Events’ time out/team building offering, available space was audited and an underutilised area within the stadium was identified. That area was split into unique activity spaces - juggling, giant board games and indoor archery. A networking lounge was also developed, where participants could gather for refreshments and share their anticipation of the key activity – the roof top abseil! Guests were brought to the Etihad Skyline rooftop walkway, thus utilizing existing infrastructure and avoiding any expensive set up costs.Everyone agreed that this was a wholly unique experience with the spectacular views of Dublin city from the Etihad Skyline followed by the adrenaline pumping rush of going to the edge of the roof and lowering yourself into the stadium below! The level 7 Press Media centre has a separate entrance with a direct lift from ground floor which creates a feeling of exclusivity. It features facilities for catering, a bar and sufficient breakout spaces to set up a variety of indoor games and activities.An exciting new MICE product was developed with minimum investment by re-imagining existing inventory, identifying a good-fit partner and developing a creative time out concept. The product launch was a very memorable event for our team and clients, and raised product awareness. Attendees followed up with calls, photos, text of thanks, emails and tweets of their experience and feedback in the days and weeks after the event. In addition to the launch aspect of the event, it was also seen as a give-back or reward for Croke Park’s clients who really appreciated the opportunity to come along for such a unique experience. Good media content was also captured to promote the offering.This addition to their Meetings & Events product is entirely new to the market and gives Croke Park a new unique selling point and the opportunity to speak to a new range of clients.Read full entry

Robbie Coltrane’s Critical Evidence TV Series Launch by Right Angle Corporate Ltd

21 September, 2016 | London, UK


Watch videoRobbie Coltrane’s Critical Evidence TV Series Launch is an immersive CSI Experience which mirrors episodes from the series. The event was intended to present the show to partners in order to position the client, Crime + Investigation TV Channel, increase brand awareness and showcase the scope of the series.There were two key elements to the product launch. The first being the launch presentation and introduction to the series which took place in the exclusive North Tower Lounge of Tower Bridge. After the initial introduction, the guests made their way to the south tower, where they entered the “Pump Room” which made for a unique and authentic setting.The experience was designed to be interactive, and participants gladly took on the role of a criminal investigator (with full CSI protective equipment). The evening was hosted by former Detective Chief Inspector from New Scotland Yard, technical advisor to BBC Silent Witness and a serving fingerprint expert. The presentation from the expert was intercut with clips from the TV programme presented by Robbie Coltrane. This meant the launch was anchored by clips from the show and Robbie Coltrane himself but brought to life through the explanation, discussion and activities which took place live during the event. The enthusiasm of the hosts was infectious, and their expertise brought the CI series to life.Guests were immersed visually, kinaesthetically and auditorily. They dusted for fingerprints, lifted and analysed fibres and creating FBI Photo Fits of the “suspect”.The whole event was positioned as a bespoke and exclusive “experience.” The ultimate objective was to incite journalists and other media platforms to write positive stories promoting the programme. The launch received positive feedback from participants and consequently, the show enjoyed very good ratings as well - the biggest overnight rating title since February 2016 and the biggest Sunday 10pm overnights since April 2012.Read full entry

Next Generation Scania by Staff Eventos

1 October, 2016 | Madrid, Spain


Watch video

Next Generation Scania was a launch event of Scania’s new line of products in Spain and Portugal. The company is a world leading manufacturer of heavy trucks & buses and the event was also a celebration of their 125th anniversary.The main objectives of the event was to present the new generation of Scania products as something unique and innovative on the market today, and to create an experience that would generate a ‘WOW’ effect. Another mission was to also strengthen the brand’s image, showcase its history, and underline its core values of innovation, passion, safety, environmental care, and focus on the needs of the driver.A retrospective gala of products presented an emotional journey through these 125 years of history. Corporate LED programmed bracelets were provided to the attendees for extra interactivity and to make them a true part of the reveal. Wrapped in a box of LED screens, a tractor head weighing 9 tons, was suspended 41 meters above the floor, slowly descending onto the stage. At the same time, the history of the company was being projected on the screens with an accompaniment of live classical music. It all lead to the reveal of the new line - once the large LED screens reached the floor, they opened up to unveil the new product. Special effects of snow, air, smoke and fire cold, gave extra realism to the scenes, as 4 more models of the Next Generation Scania were introduced.Attendees witnessed the history and evolution of Scania’s products through the years. They were made part of a most visual spectacle, and that emotion was accompanied by live music from violoncellist Ana Rucner, a string orchestra, and 20 violinists distributed among the public. The event was highly technological, innovative, and interactive, and managed to showcase each and every one of the qualities of Scania’s products. Everyone enjoyed an evening full of surprises, that did not leave anybody indifferent to the show. The event received excellent ratings by the attendees and many compliments by the press, with more than 130 media covering it in Spain and Portugal. The hashtag #NextGenScania had big impact across the social networks.

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