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January 23, 2017

7th Global Event Awards: Best Corporate Event Finalists

7th Global Event Awards: Best Corporate Event Finalists

In the following weeks, we will introduce you to the Eventex finalists - those extraordinary eventprofs who are competing for a Global Event Award. You will meet them in person come January at the special gala ceremony at Croke park but first, we would like to offer you a brief preview of their projects and products that transform events into cutting-edge experiences.

Best Corporate Event Finalists

BWT Water live 2015 by Grasl & Partner Event und Marketing GmbH

26-28 November, 2015 | Salzburg, Austria


For the 25th anniversary of BWT, Grasl & Partner orchestrated a magical three-day event including a welcome night, a house fair showcasing BWTs products, the Water Live 2015 Gala Show, a matinee with a chamber orchestra and a farewell dinner in Red Bull´s Hangar 7 for 600 business partners and lead clients from 32 nations."Water live 2015" was an unprecedented artistic and multimedia project culminating with a water-performance of the exclusively conceived "Cirque de’l Eau". The immersive water ambiance was created through a water stage and remotely controlled water bubbles. A live waterfall was installed as an interactive centerpiece. The Lady of the Waterfall interacted live with the guests and warmly welcomed them.The spectacular stage featured a 60m wide LED 5mm pixel pitch screen. A specially engineered mechanism with rails and closing levers allowed for parts of the LED-screen to retract and open creating an invisible entrance for actors and artists. During the personal welcome, guests were photographed, and their images formed an interactive BWT logo. More than 600 pictures floated through the void and formed a mosaic in mid-air. A giant digital guestbook with projected content collected wishes and bon-mots from the guests. A printed version now serves as valued keepsake for BWT.The ensemble of the „Cirque de l´Eau“ featured the finest acrobats and dancers associated with water, a Soloist of the Cirque du Soleil´s Las Vegas Show „LOVE“, the duo „Aquarius“, an acrobat from Franco Dragones „House of Dancing Waters“ in all 30 trailblazing talents characterizing the elements of water in a new water-acrobatic-dance-show telling the story of a girl and her journey through a dream.The celebration brought BWTs partners, peers and friends together for the first time and showcased the company's strategic "big picture" and their motto: "For You and Planet Blue".The unique and fresh event concept was based around the powerful element of water and the powerful goals for BWT’s future.Read full entry here

Grand Hotel Google by Verve The Live Agency

4 December, 2015 | RDS, Dublin


"Grand Hotel Google" whisked 3000 Googlers off to a glamorous 1930’s hotel complete with bespoke hotel façade, Lobby, Casino, Spa, ‘Bed & Bath’ area, Grand Ballroom, Lucky’s Milk Bar and several feature bars.The objectives were to create an unforgettable concept that encompassed the very essence of Google and their multicultural, young and vibrant staff. The inspiration for the event came from the film Grand Budapest Hotel with a creative twist to the overall event theme. The event delivered maximum value through the effective use of the venue – maximising the use of all space available, entertaining the guests upon arrival through the entrance and into one of the many feature areas, whilst keeping them engaged throughout the evening with a range of activities, performers, and entertainers.The clever creation of a 1:1 scale hotel entrance façade along with other pieces such as the driveway fountain created the illusion of being outside while actually already inside a building. Guests arrived into a large replica hotel lobby space, brought to life with the aristocratic ambience of its era. It had a 65ft reception desk, genuine antique props and lighting.To the left of the lobby the guests were welcomed by a troupe of Onyx Girls on entry to the Monte Carlo casino area. The casino was fully kitted out with roulette, blackjack and poker tables; each hosted by a professional croupier. Trapeze artists flew above the casino tables adding another level of entertainment to the event. With dim lighting, luxurious velvet jungle drape, and the black and gold identity of the Monte Carlo casino guests were transported straight into the 1930’s.When guests left the casino; they were guided through to the main Grand hotel ballroom and the Bed & Bath area. Five fully dressed four poster beds sat in the centre of the space and acted as seating area throughout the evening. Large bubbles floated over head with giant taps and a bath that people could get into. To the back of this space was the Nouveau Luxe Spa where guests could sit down and take a few minutes out from the madness of the hotel!There was something that catered to every guest – including the opportunity for period fancy dress, the hotel reception arrival, the interactive entertainment and experiential areas.There were multiple experiential areas encouraging participant engagement. Everything from interactive bed photo op areas, real barbers offering haircuts, masseuse's, nail artists, henna tattooists, multiple games areas and even an Electric Cabaret area where guests could sing their favourite songs with a live backing band and singers. Guests were encouraged to dress up in the theme and were sent fashion and styling tips in advance which helped achieved an attendee dress up rate of 90%.The centre piece of the Grand Ballroom was the 3-tiered main stage where a variety of acts performed throughout the night. Starting with The Onyx girls; they did a full theatrical show that resembled the style of the 1930’s. The entertainment on the main stage built up throughout the evening; ending with a crescendo as a 10-piece brass band graced the stage.Read full entry here

Praguematism – Tieto’s kick off by Tapahtumantekijät Oy

16–17 March, 2016 | Prague, The Czech Republic


Tieto’s 160 managers, 2 days, 1 conference room, 0 chairs, 0 PowerPoints, a big pile of white boxes and some extraordinary thinking. What on Earth happened in Prague?The event was one step in a massive transformation process ongoing in Tieto.The objectives of the event were defined in close collaboration with the client's Communications, HR and Vice President. The process included target group analysis and studying Tieto's new strategy. The idea was to launch new organizational culture in an effective, inspiring and engaging way. The main targets were to enhance collaboration (networking), to break the old organizational silos (learning&motivation=l&m), to dive deep into the new product (l&m) and to learn new ways of working (l&m).Tapahtumantekijät Oy created a fresh, innovative and highly impactful meeting design that was named BOXWAY.The event was based on constant collaboration, and it broke the pattern of an ordinary seminar setting, as the participants became active subjects rather than passive listeners. The boxes became personal empty canvases, on which they sketched their ideas, learning and personal success stories. Moreover, the tailor-made methods offered each participant a role and a chance to commit. They mixed different groups together in various ways. This motivated them to engage in achieving the objectives in a meaningful and fun manner.Finally, the script of the event created a solid, shared experience setting – a spirit of change that was shared with the 2000-people branch organization.According to Arttu Kallio and Kati Sorjanen, the designers of the event, BOXWAY is a way of thinking which makes you way more creative and motivated. Thus, events become like "tabula rasas” - empty canvases - on which your thoughts and ideas can be painted on. You become an active subject who shapes the event together with others and you leave your personal mark. BOXWAY makes your event way more effective. There is nothing extra, nothing vain, no sidetracks, just 100% content-based and goal-driven action. And it's fun. BOXWAY is a concept that can be scaled and tailored to be used in all kinds of events, from exhibition booths to meetings, workshops and conventions.This is BOXWAY´s mission: to facilitate change.Read full entry hereSD Worx – Proxy Night Campaign 2016 by The Oval Office bvbaSeptember - October, 2016 | Tiendschuur, Hasselt - Belgium


The Proxy Night 2016 was all about branding, commitment & fun, with a great internal pre-campaign as a motivational warm-up for a superb event. The goal: to connect 500 SD Worx’ers with a unique live communication campaign, make them feel good about being an SD Worx employee and ultimately increase engagement.During the pre-campaign, the employees were teased and made curious about the ingredients of the Proxy Night. What is on top of your bucket list? Give a colleague a compliment? Do you want to collect the final stickers? Which compliment did you receive?During the campaign, more than 500 photos of employees were collected, posted and swapped in the unique SD Worx Sticker Album! This way, colleagues were able to connect across regions, language and expertises and get to know each other in a fun way. More than 100 stickers were personally handed. Every sticker was put in a customized website & ‘swaps’ of double stickers were suggested. 400K stickers found their way to new owners. More stickers? They had to give compliments to their colleagues, via the platform. More than 5.000 compliments were given! Facebook was also popular for swaps! Golden, silver and bronze stickers were distributed, for special treats at the closing party.Finally, employees met in person at the closing employee party, the Proxy Night, which took place in an attractive, unknown venue in a less known region of Belgium. The pre-campaign was integrated into the actual event through attractive animations & decorations. There was also a photobooth for #tousensemble pics, fun wheel with gifts and compliments, an SD Worx’ Family Tree, an exchange corner, a rolling Proxy show, co-hosted by the CEO.The event culminated with a great party with live music.The ‘live’ concept of the Proxy Night Campaign successfully focused on branding, team spirit & engagement. The combination of event & internal communication that created a ‘buzz’ within and about the company and a lasting memory after the event.Read full entry hereThe winners and runners-up will be revealed at the gala ceremony at Croke Park, 24 January 2017. Register now and join the league of extraordinary event professionals!

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