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January 23, 2017

7th Global Event Awards: Best Campaign Finalists

7th Global Event Awards: Best Campaign Finalists

In the following weeks, we will introduce you to the Eventex finalists - those extraordinary eventprofs who are competing for a Global Event Award. You will meet them in person come January at the special gala ceremony at Croke park but first, we would like to offer you a brief preview of their projects and products that transform events into cutting-edge experiences.

Best Campaign Finalists

Anniversary Concert Jostiband Orchestra by IDTV Live5 September, 2016 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Watch videoJostiband Orchestra is the world’s largest orchestra for people with a mental handicap. For the 50th anniversary they wanted to celebrate with their biggest concert to date. IDTV, one of the largest independent production companies in the Netherlands, was approached to help with the task.The project had two main goals - to organize a fantastic anniversary concert for the orchestra and its well-wishers (clients, employees, volunteers, family); and to generate as much media coverage for the orchestra’s “You can do more than you think!” message.The event was organized at the Ziggo Dome, a 17 000-seat multi-use indoor arena in Amsterdam, Netherlands. A concert of this magnitude by an orchestra like this, organized by the members themselves, has simply never been done before. The sheer scale of the challenge resulted in a tidal wave of enthusiasm, inspiration and solidarity that already made the anniversary year a great success.More than 11 000 people attended the concert. At the same time, the endearing message and the enthusiasm of the people spreading it, made for constant media coverage of the project. Together we managed to generate unheard-of media value. Eventually, the whole project was even documented and edited into a TV programme, that was broadcast nationally at primetime.The campaign was a huge success. By monitoring national and regional newspapers, the project is estimated to have generated €8.636.853 of media value – excluding social media value. Over 600 000 people watched the programme on TV and every Dutch citizen heard or read about the project more than four times on average.Read full entry hereCroke Park Meetings and Events Let’s Make This Brilliant at Connect 1628 September, 2016 | Dublin, Ireland


Watch videoConnect16 was a live showcase for the Irish Events Industry featuring over 220 hotels, venues, and event suppliers. Croke Park saw this inaugural event as an important opportunity to showcase their Meetings & Events product and offering.The main objectives of the campaign were to showcase the Croke Park campus, stand out from other venues, give attendees an experience of Croke Park’s Meetings & Events product, and last but not least connect with attendees (before, during & after!).The stand was built with a focus on their key selling points – GAA Legacy, Location, Versatility and World Class Campus, all of which was made part of the stand experience. On display were Croke Park’s coveted GAA Championship trophies (the original trophies of the Sam Maguire Cup and the Liam MacCarthy Cup, on permanent display at the GAA Museum, Croke Park), as well as a photographic feature opportunity to ‘Meet Sam and Liam’. Iconic stadium imagery, a replica of their signature meeting spaces ‘The All Star Suites’, and video content from across the campus, were also made part of the experience. To complete the picture, chef demos and bespoke Croke Park themed entertainment were also provided, along with strongly branded sports themed uniforms for the staff.On the day of the event, the Croke Park Meetings and Events stand was one of the busiest stands in the exhibition hall! There was constant activity from the beginning to end of day and the response from the attendees and even other stand representatives was phenomenal. Social media also played a significant role in the campaign and the social media engagement was great throughout Connect16. Mentions and retweets on Twitter were up by 320% in the days before and after the event.The campaign achieved strong brand awareness, good enquiries and developed some excellent contacts. 200 new qualified contacts were made, as well as 15 RFPs, of which 9 received are still active, with two being confirmed already and Croke Park Meetings and Events hope to confirm at least another three events leading to a good return on investment in Connect16.Read full entry hereRecht doen aan slachtoffers by Obsession Evenementen & Communicatie24 November, 2015 – 28 January 2016 | 7 different regions in the Netherlands


Watch videoThe Dutch Ministry of Security & Justice approached Obsession Evenementen & Communicatie to develop a gripping concept and organize a series of regional conferences to implement а new European legislation concerning victims.Recht doen aan slachtoffers consisted of 7 events about the consequences and help with the implementation of а new European legislation, that focuses on the victim instead of the perpetrator. The events were brought in an unconventional way by telling the true story of a real victim.The events were presented as a theater play - a true story, from the diary of a real victim and told by an actress on the stage. The play was supported with visuals and substantive issues by experts in the field. As a follow-up, a general discussion with specific debate topics was organized, where the audience joined via an interactive voting system. The audience received questions about the new European law, directly on their mobile phones, which made them an actual participant of the story. This allowed for a more open and honest conversation about the implementation of the new legislation.The outcomes were captured in 7 infographics that were sent to all participants as a communication tool to help spread the new insights in their own organizations. A special magazine was published to combine all information - interviews, best practices, results, and facts and figures. The event not only helped participants understand, implement, and execute the new law, it also created 738 ambassadors from 56 different organizations. It was confronting, compelling and chilled everyone to the bone. Exactly what was needed.Read full entry hereSEAT Ateca Prelaunch by The Oval OfficeFrom 12th July till 26th September 2016 | Belgium


Watch video The SEAT Ateca Pre-launch was a two-month daily roadshow all over Belgium, that aimed to mark the launch of SEAT’s very first SUV - the Ateca. The campaign, produced by The Oval Office bvba, was a unique mix of urban guerrilla field marketing, online lead generation, and traffic building to all 48 Belgian SEAT dealerships.The main objectives for the Pre-launch campaign were to generate test drives and sales leads, bring people to the dealerships, and create brand awareness for SEAT and their Ateca SUV. Two target groups were identified - “The Everyday Grocery Shopper” and “The Weekend Day Tripper”.For “The Weekend Day Tripper” an online bannering campaign sent people to the website, where they subscribed for a chance to get invited by their local dealership for a weekend day trip. Once 40 daytrips were made, a dashcam aftermovie was shared on Facebook, generating likes, shares and leads for the campaign. 20 Atecas were branded with the url leading to the dedicated activation website.For “The Everyday Grocery Shopper” special high chairs were created on the parking lots of supermarkets in the city and at dealerships. People could get in the eye-catching chairs and change their point of view, enjoying the SUV feeling of being higher on the road. An Ateca SUV was strategically placed within view, to invite the person sitting in the chair for a test ride home.The combination of field (live) activation and an online campaign, brought some excellent results. The Ateca got lots of visibility all over the country and people got to experience the car firsthand. In the space of 11 weekends 880 people went on a weekend day trip, while another 2891 had the chance to test-drive the Ateca to their homes during the 12 weeks of the campaign.Read full entry hereThe winners and runners-up will be revealed at the gala ceremony at Croke Park, 24 January 2017. Register now and join the league of extraordinary event professionals!

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