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November 8, 2022

5 Reasons to Attend Eventex 2017

This year we are making a statement with Eventex 2017. The 9th edition of the disruptive event for event professionals promises to be better, and more innovative in every way. Here are the 5 key reasons why you should attend!

The unique 80/20 format

Sure, “80/20” is not the best name ever. It stands for 80% masterclasses and 20% mash sessions. But this new format doesn’t need to lure you in with a catchy name. Instead, it’s a modern and exciting escape from the old conference format, created specifically to give you better value for the buck. Eventex 2017 is designed to engage you on a personal level, improve your networking, and help you acquire more skills. Oh, and when the 80/20 format picks up, you’ll be able to say you were first to experience it.

Be all that you can be

The event professional’s job is getting more demanding by the minute, and if you are in the industry, you know this already. Fortunately, Eventex is in January and will give you a nice know-how boost to prepare for the tough year. It offers two full days of masterclasses and a wide range of topics for you to pick. And because we believe knowledge is power, at the end of each masterclass you get to join an exclusive mash session. There you will acquire extra insights from all the other classes for the day.

Some face-to-face networking

Networking is one of the main reasons why we love events so much. Every year Eventex attracts hundreds of attendees from a variety of countries across the world and it is an excellent chance for you to meet new people and greet old friends from the event industry. There’s also potential for new business opportunities, collaborations, making new connections, and raising your profile in the industry. It’s too good to miss!

Ireland, obviously!

Better bring warm clothes, because it will probably be soul-chilling in Dublin between 24 and 26 January 2017. Visiting Ireland at least once is a must for everyone. To name a few reasons, the food is great, the people are friendly, the landscapes are stunning, and the Irish coffee is more than just coffee, but we’re not spoiling the surprise! You’ll also get to experience Irish culture, which has seriously influenced many other cultures.

The venue is iconic

The venue for Eventex 2017 is none other than the iconic Croke Park Stadium (or Croker as it’s lovingly called by fans and locals). With a capacity of 82,300, it is the third largest stadium in Europe and can accommodate all types of events - from field sports to concerts, meetings to tradeshows and bespoke banqueting. Croke Park and its GAA Museum are a prime visitor attraction and important Dublin landmarks!Join us at Eventex 2017 :) Тicket sales end on Wednesday at 23:59 CET, so it’s now or next year!

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