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November 8, 2022

4 Meeting Design Elements that Guarantee ROI

Meeting design and efficiency is of utmost importance in the business and corporate world. Think about it. Hundreds of meetings organised every month. Thousands of hours spent in meetings costing paid working time. Organising meetings is an expensive activity. That is why inefficient, unproductive meetings waste not only valuable time but money and resources that could be invested elsewhere. If you are a corporate event planner, business owner, or a meeting designer, these four tips will help you increase the efficiency and productivity for your meetings.

1. Energy

How many times have you sat in a meeting, listening to a presentation that puts you to sleep? That is neither productive nor efficient, and is characterised by a low rate of retention. Turn a presentation into a conversation! Twist the one-way communication into an interactive group exercise, even a game. Active involvement and encouraged engagement are key to better decision making and more effective knowledge sharing.

2. Sustainability

Yes. Sustainability is responsibility. Do not use paper unless you have to. Meet in a place with natural light to save on electricity. Print double-sided, use eco-labelled marker pens and lose the disposable flatware. And this principle doesn’t only apply to the environment. Be green to yourself too! Provide water and healthy snacks for the participants. Hydrate the body, mind and brain. If possible, include an active element to the meeting, involving a walk to a spot outside, or an exercise that gets participants off the chair. Apart from the increased productivity due to obvious reasons, this will send the right message to your participants about responsible thinking.

3. Setup

Do not underestimate the importance of the setting where your meeting is conducted. Wherever you decide to do it, be creative! Creative in terms of decoration, seating arrangement, and location. Feel free to use colours, images, music, even scents. Lose the table. Arrange the chairs differently. Lose the chairs and sit on the floor! Go to the nearby park. Whatever you do, use the venue to emphasize the meeting’s objective and purpose. Thinking out of the box when setting up your meeting will strongly encourage lateral thinking in the participants too!

4. Measure

To ensure ROI on your meeting or event, make sure you have a way of recording outcomes. As Elling Hamso says “The best way of improving events is to measure results.” You need a good set of measurable objectives. Try to meet those objectives and then assess the degree to which they have been met. This will increase your efficiency, cut the fat around your meeting and prove the event’s value.

In conclusion

Events and meetings are a source of revenue for any company and not to be underestimated. If planned and executed properly, they are powerful in extracting the maximum potential for human productivity, cooperativity and creativity, channeling it into an efficient session serving the aims of the business. Plan your next meeting accordingly and see the results for yourself:)And if you want to learn more, I heard Meeting Design may just be one of the hot topics of discussion at Eventex Congress 2015. But shh, don’t tell anyone.

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