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November 8, 2022

10 Compelling Reasons to Participate in Eventex Awards

The 8th edition of Eventex - Global Event Awards is coming up soon in a new, 100% online format. This presents fantastic opportunities for event professionals, meeting planners, promoters and live communication professionals to highlight who they are and what’s their standing in the industry in front of a bigger audience.Here are, in no particular order, 10 reasons why you want to participate in Eventex Awards:

Bragging rights

In the world of events you don’t get extra points for playing it modest. It’s all about who threw the most creative event, came up with the top innovation, whose campaign reached more people, which app offered the most features, etc. Winning an Eventex award takes you right where you want to be and gives you the bragging rights that come with being officially declared as the best in your field. It’s your “I’m #1” hat!


An award makes your company stand out from the competition and has the potential to convince customers and partners of your trustworthiness. On top of the social trust element, it’s important to point out that people will always prefer to work with winners. Which can do wonders for your business, obviously!

Make a sound investment

Eventex Awards is a pretty smart investment. Entering comes at a fraction of the cost of similar awards, making it the most affordable competition in the industry. Even better, if you register early you’ll have plenty of time to create your winning entries. Just make sure you send them before the November 15 submission deadline!

Makes for excellent publicity

Winning an award is always excellent news and brings a lot of positive attention and extra publicity. Even making it on the list of finalists in a category will generate buzz about what you do… and how well you do it. You don’t want to ignore such opportunities because every little bit helps. And because your competition isn’t sitting idly either.

Receive recognition

An award is always given in recognition of some exceptional achievement. Whether you’ve managed to produce an amazing event experience or a genuinely innovative meeting, the more people are familiar with your outstanding work the better. Eventex Awards will be streamed to a big international audience via Facebook Live and YouTube, so you can get the recognition your work deserves.

Get evaluated by a world-class jury

An awards competition is only as good as its judging panel. That’s why the Eventex Awards judges are cherry-picked among the most creative minds, the top influencers, and the thought leaders in the industry today. They evaluate your entries with scores from 1 to 100 based on 3 key criteria - creativity & innovation, planning & execution, and finally effectiveness & results.

Shows confidence

Participating in Eventex Awards is a statement. It shows that you’re confident in your work and that you take pride in it enough to enter a competition knowing you can win an award. Such demonstration of confidence is a good way to impress your existing and potential clients.

See where you stand

Being confident is a good thing but actually knowing how your work compares to that of the competition is important if you want to back that confidence with facts. Eventex Awards is the ultimate benchmark for event professionals, meeting planners, promoters and live communication agencies.

Cement a partnership

Building strong relationships is one of the fundamentals of success. Eventex Awards is a competition that recognizes excellent contributions in the world of events - a field that your clients are probably associated with. Entering on behalf of or alongside a company client is a great way to strengthen your business relationship.

Boosts profits

It all comes down to this - sales growth! Whether you’re hands down the biggest player in the industry or a small event agency, your ultimate aim is to grow your business. That’s where Eventex Awards helps the most. Just like an Oscar nominee is usually able to negotiate better contracts after getting nominated, so does an agency that’s a global event award finalist.

So there you have it.. Register your entries for Eventex Awards today. It’s well worth it!

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