General Terms and Conditions

The present General Terms and Conditions regulate the relations between the Organizer (Weemss Ltd.) and the Participants.

Please review carefully the present General Terms and Conditions prior to registering. They represent an agreement between you and the Organizer (Weemss Ltd.)

I. Basic definitions and terms in the present Agreement

Upon the interpretation and application of the present General Terms and Conditions the used herein basic definitions and terms shall have the following meaning:

Event: Eventex 2017

Dates: 24-26 January 2017

Organizer: Weemss Ltd.

Participant: any physical or judicial body that has filled out a registration form for participation, available at the website.

Website: The Event website allowing the participants to receive official information for the Event, and to register for it online.

II. Online Registration

In order to register for the Event, the Participants must complete the online registration form, available at the Event website.

The Organizer reserves the right not to accept Participants who have entered wrong, false or insufficient data. Participants who enter clearly and systematically false data shall be deleted from the system. In such case the agreement is automatically terminated.

III. Confirmation of Registration

Each registered Participant should receive a confirmation email with payment details. The Organizer bears no responsibility in case of invalid email address provided.

In case the confirmation email is late by more than two business days, the Participant should notify the Organizer via email.

IV. Participant’s Registration Fee

All fees are 23% VAT inclusive in accordance to the Irish VAT law.

The registration shall be considered valid only after payment confirmation.

V. Personal Data Protection

The Organizer strictly applies the respective measures for protection of personal data from third persons in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. The Organizer shall not publicly disclose any personal information of the Participants registered for the Event. The Organizer reserves the right to provide some of the Participant’s information to speakers, sponsors and partners.

The Organizer reserves the right to use part of the data entered in the registration form as a part of the statistics used and announced for the respective Event, as well as for marketing purposes.

Each registrant agrees to be photographed during the event and these photos are owned by the Organizer. The Organizer reserves the right to photograph and film the hall and visitors during the event and to use the photos and videos for marketing purposes.

VI. Copyright

Any copyright and other rights in relation to the materials provided for the purposes of the Event are property of the Organizer or of the copyright holders. The Participants are entitled to use such materials for personal use only. The reproduction and distribution of such materials is permitted only upon explicit consent on behalf of the Organizer or on behalf of the respective copyrights holders.

VII. Cancelation & Refunds

In case the Participant is not able to attend the Event, they should notify the Organizer via email not later than 90 days prior to the Event date. After having received such email, The Organizer shall refund the full amount paid to the Participant. This condition does not apply to groups larger than 2 persons.

No refunds will be issued after this.

In case of failure to attend, the Participant may be replaced by another Participant. The Participant should notify the Event Organizer via email not later than 7 days prior to the Event.

VIII. Liability Limitation

The Organizer shall not be responsible for refunding the amounts already paid by the Participant in case of occurrence of force majeure circumstances, such as earthquake, natural calamities, war, threat of a terrorist act, and other circumstances due to reasons beyond the control of the Organizer.

The Organizer assumes no liability for any damages or injuries to people or property during the Event.

The Organizer bears no liability for any indirect or consequential losses occurred as a result of the Participant’s attendance at the Event.

The Organizer is not responsible for loss, theft and/or damage to the personal belongings of the Participants.

IX. Cancellation

The Organizer reserves the right to postpone or cancel an Event. The Organizer shall set another date or provide instructions for reimbursement of the amounts paid by the Participants. In case of termination of the agreement due to various reasons, the Organizer shall bear no liability for any damages caused to or benefits forgone on behalf of the Participant or third parties occurred as a result of the cancellation of the Participant’s registration.

X. Changes

The Organizer reserves the right to make changes to the present General Terms and Conditions at any time, publishing in a timely manner such changes on the website.

Relations between the Organizer and the holder of the registration shall be settled and interpreted exclusively in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria. The present General Terms and Conditions are accepted by decision of the Management Boards of the Organizer on the 31 July 2015, in its capacity as Organizer of the Event. These terms and conditions become effective as of 1 August 2015.