Editor-in-Chief of Event Point

I was born and raised in Porto, Portugal. Gained my degree in Social Communication from the Oporto Journalism School, and post-graduation in Cultural Management. Also tried to learn German but that is proven to be a never ending task.
I’ve start working in a big event: Porto 2001 – European Capital of Culture, where I met Rui Ochôa, and together we founded “Event Point”, the only magazine in Portugal about the events sector. Some years later we launched Event Point International, a magazine in English. We work hard to share content about the Portuguese market, making it as visible as possible in the international panorama. We promote all kind of gatherings of professionals of this industry and work with the associations and tourism institutions in Portugal.
Personally I love to travel, I love a good story (no matter if it’s in a book, a podcast, a series) and meeting cool people.


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