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The Chief Strategic Communications Officer at ESforce Holding, Yaroslav Meshalkin joined us for a quick interview. ESforce Holding is one of the world’s largest esports organizations and the leader of electronic sports in Russia. The organization covers key industry areas from the organization of international competitions and creation of professional content to publishing, advertising, retail and merchandising.

You are one of the Eventex Awards 2020 winners. What does this recognition mean to you?

We were happy to hear about our win. We put our heart into every tournament and it is very pleasant and significant for us when our work is evaluated at professional awards of international level. We were happy to fight for victory with such major esports events as The International, World Cyber Games and League of Legends Pro League, as well as to defend the title of the best event in other categories with the best event-companies around the world, once again proving the prospects of esports.

What is your “recipe” for an award-winning event?

When preparing applications, we follow the following basic rules:

  • Maximum focus on the advantages and innovation of the project,
  • We are not afraid to share the results of the project in as much detail as possible. we give not only qualitative but also quantitative indicators of the project: coverage, percentages of audience growth, over-fulfillment of the plan, etc.
  • We also follow the rules and requirements for registration of the application

We would also recommend not stopping your choice in one category. Most events fit the criteria of several award categories, and by submitting an application in several you increase your chances of winning.

How did the current crisis affect you? How did you adapt to the situation and what are your plans in the near future?

The esports business specifics are such that during the pandemic, we were in a better position due to the initial strong online component of esports. We are less dependent on offline events and are ready to offer interesting activities for fans and creative integrations for brands on event broadcasts. During the pandemic, we managed to hold 2 tournaments for professional players, 1 charity tournament between employees of esports organizations, and 1 charity show match with Russian hockey stars. And we have great plans for the future, follow the announcements of Epic Esports Events!

What do you think is the future of virtual and hybrid events? Do you plan to organize such events even after the crisis is over?

Hybrid events are our strong point, and this has also kept us safe during the pandemic. We have always paid great attention to both offline and online activities, and definitely, we will continue to do so in the future. The situation this spring and summer has shown the world that you need to think more often about ways to complement your events with virtual tools, and sometimes completely transfer everything online.

What do you think will be the trends in the events industry in 2021?

Most likely, the main trend in the event industry for 2021 will be the transfer of events to online partially or completely, since, during the pandemic, many have already tested this format and realized its advantages, such as the ability to attract a large audience due to the mobility of the format, a variety of opportunities for interactivity, and others. I think 2021 will see more hybrid and online events.


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