What winners get

Making it on the shortlist of Eventex Awards finalists is great recognition and gives you a real business edge. Winning is always sweet and strengthens considerably your business relations with both existing and potential clients. When you’re among the best, people can’t resist the lure of working with you!


The Eventex Awards trophy has a unique and highly stylised design that’s made to reflect your outstanding achievements. Winners receive a winners trophy, while shortlisted entries in second and third place also get a commemorative trophy. Trophies are sent out and delivered to you after the awards ceremony.

Certificate of Excellence

As a shortlisted finalist you get a printable certificate of excellence. Frame it and take a picture for your social media channels like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.

Digital Seal

As a finalist you also get a digital seal, that can be put on your website, in emails, make it a wallpaper for your smartphone, etc. It’s an excellent way of improving your company’s image and gaining more business opportunities.

Feature in the Online Ceremony

Get featured in the online ceremony, reaching a massive international audience. This is a great opportunity to generate social media buzz, engage customers and employees, or simply tune in and find out about new trends, best practices and top innovations from the event world.

Feature in the Creative

You can also apply for a free spot in our online series devoted to the events industry – Eventex Creative Week. If you feel you have some interesting bit of content to offer to our international audience, you’re more than welcome to become part of ECW, that’s making waves throughout the industry.

Accumulating points for the Eventex All-Stars Index

Agencies and organizers participating in the competition also accumulate points for the Eventex Awards All-Stars index. The index is updated after every edition of the competition and presents yet another excellent opportunity to strengthen your organization’s image on both local and global scale.

It's time to win

Late registration deadline: Register until 29 November 2019

It's time to win

Late registration deadline: Register until 29 November 2019

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