Top 50 Virtual Meetings & Events Innovators

Today virtual is a vital part of any event and its importance in the industry can’t be overstated. But it’s high time to recognize the people behind these shifts. We’re on a mission to acknowledge the innovators, the change-makers, the pioneers of great virtual experiences and events!

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Help us create a list of Top 50 Virtual Meetings & Events Innovators who are influencing and setting the latest trends. 

We need YOU to nominate and vote for the people you think have stood out the most in that aspect. The ones that left a mark with their creativity, vision, and innovative approach.

Nomination instructions

The nomination period is over!

  • Visit the link for nominations
  • Fill in your details
  • Enter the nomination portal and fill in the required information and your motivation for the nomination
  • Submit the nomination

Voting instructions

  • All nominees are sorted alphabetically
  • You can vote for up to 10 of the nominees on the list
  • You can give one vote per nominee
  • To vote for a person, click on the “star” symbol (note: no other confirmation required). If you change your mind, press the star again so that it turns grey again.
  • Your votes are automatically stored for your profile
  • Deadline for casting your vote: 30 May 2020


  • The listing takes into account the nominations submitted through the
    nomination period (21-22 May 2020). 
  • The nominees were contacted with details about the nomination and voting process. 
  • By public voting, everyone will have the opportunity to choose 10 people from the list who they consider as the innovators and trend-setters for virtual meetings & events.
  • Voting period: 22.05.2020 – 30.05.2020
  • The top 50 ranking is decided based on the votes received.
  • If there are equal votes, the person with more nominations gets an advantage.
  • The results will be published in alphabetical order once the voting is over.

Top 50 Virtual Meetings & Events Innovators will be revealed once the voting is over on 1 June 2020. Everyone on the list will receive a special commemorative badge.

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