Name: TikTok Creator Meetups
Agency / Organizer: Sequence Events
Client: TikTok
Country United States

TikTok engaged Sequence Events for their fully immersive Virtual Creator Meetups. The three-day virtual meetups for top Creators on TikTok facilitated new connections within the creator community, fostered allegiance to the platform, and ultimately led to great content from the Creators.

The three-day event was entirely live to allow the Creators a chance to connect with one another in real-time, leading to a greater sense of community among the event participants. Team SEQ created and brought the “Getaway” theme to life with over 15 unique virtual ‘destinations’ on a map attendees were able to explore and take part in community-building activities, maintaining the authenticity of the brand with a laidback, chill vibe and photo-real aesthetic.

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