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This is Eventex 2o2o so we’ve given you a 2-nd chance to join the 10th-anniversary edition, this being the final one. We are extending the registration deadline until the 20th of December. Be aware though that entries should still be submitted by the 20th of December. Please keep in mind those are final deadlines and there won’t be further extensions.

Why Eventex Awards?

Eventex Awards is not an ordinary competition. We aim to promote your creativity to the world. So no matter if you win or not, we make sure your work and brand get the recognition it deserves. Here’s how we do it:

Let’s talk numbers

The question is always WHY and the answer usually contains numbers…Here are some numbers to date:

  • 150,000 + reach of Eventex campaign 2020 to date; 
  • 13,000+ event & communications profs watched the first-ever Eventex Creative Week & the Online Ceremony 2019;
  • 11,000+ social media followers from the event industry (and counting);
  • 70+ top industry leaders eager to evaluate your work or service.


“Second chances do come your way. Like trains, they arrive and depart regularly. Recognizing the ones that matter is the trick.”

Jill A. Davis

You still have a chance to amaze the world. Hop on the train before it’s too late! Register now!

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