Dates & FAQ

Register before 28 December (extended) and pay €450 per entry. Fill out and submit your entries until 30 December! Change the categories anytime.

28 December 2018 (extended)

Registration deadline

30 December 2018

Entry submission deadline

2-14 January 2019

Judging & Public voting

26 March 2019

Online ceremony


Who takes part in Eventex Awards?

Some of the top companies in the industry are Eventex Awards regulars. The competition has 5 main groups and 80+ categories to choose from, suitable for companies big or small… or anything in-between.

What is the eligibility period?

The eligibility period is from 1 September 2017 to 28 December 2018.
The eligibility period is met if the full event or part of it takes place within the specified dates.

This period applies to all events and case studies. It also applies to the growth and achievement question for all agencies & teams, technologies, suppliers, and destinations & venues.

Are there any geographical restrictions?

Eventex Awards is a global competition, so there are no geographical restrictions! All entries must be submitted in English.

Who evaluates the entries?

The judging panel is hand-picked among top professionals, thought leaders and industry influencers from the world of events. Every judge is assigned to a group of categories, in accordance with their field of expertise. Additionally, judges are required to declare affiliations with any of the entries and do not get to vote in a category with such entries. Each entry gets evaluated by 5 to 10 members of the judging panel.

How are entries evaluated?

The evaluation process is conducted online via Evalato Awards Management Software. Judges evaluate each entry with scores from 1 to 10 in each of the 3 separate criteria. Each criteria has a set weight and together they form the total score of the entry. More information is available here.

How are the finalists and winners decided?

3 to 5 entries with the highest average ratings from each category are announced as finalists before the online ceremony. At the online ceremony, the entry with the highest average score in a category is officially announced as winner in that category. Second and third places are also announced. Only an entry with an overall score of 70 or better in a category can be announced as its winner.

What does each finalist get?

All finalists get a certificate of excellence and a digital seal. Winner trophies are given to the winners, 2nd and 3rd places also receive a celebratory trophy. Find out more about what each finalist gets!

Why is the ceremony online?

In 2018 we shook things up and held the ceremony entirely online! This proved a true masterstroke as the ceremony reached 15 000+ event professionals, had a record audience of over 6500 people, and generated tons of social media buzz.

An online-only ceremony feels the most appropriate choice for a truly global event competition and we wanted to make sure your entries reach as large an audience as possible. It’s also more actionable, easily accessible, and generates a lot of social media buzz.

Is any of the entry information publicly disclosed?

All entries are made public after the online ceremony, along with the votes and comments of each jury member. This way we ensure 100% transparency at the Eventex Awards.

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