Eventex 2019 registration deadline: EXTENDED


For the last couple of days we had so much last minute entries, we decided to extend the registration deadline. We completely understand the event industry and that a lot of you didn’t have time to register before the deadline. So now you can enter the competition until 30th of November.

Founded in 2009 to celebrate creativity, innovation and effectiveness in the industry, today Eventex Awards is the most coveted and recognizable competition in the world of events. And we couldn’t be more happier.

Behind the curtains

We are thrilled to announce this 9th edition of The Global Eventex Awards is a record breaker. With over 300 mind blowing entries from 40+ countries, this year the global awards are overloaded with creativity. And that’s what we’re after. We’ve also added new groups – agencies; suppliers; event technologies; destinations and venues. They give an excellent opportunity for additional organizations to earn their deserved recognition.

Eventex is all about innovation. The competition is evolving and this edition has a lot of new awards and categories. We strongly believe every part of the event industry deserves recognition for their hard work. Therefore, we are providing a chance also for unique destinations, venues, technologies and suppliers to stand out.

One of thе competition’s main strengths is it’s 100% transparent – all entries, judges scores, and comments are revealed once the winners are announced. That’s why the biggest brands, agencies, and suppliers are always trusting us.

The Grand Ceremony

In 2018 we shook things up and held the ceremony entirely online. This proved a true masterstroke as the ceremony reached a larger audience and generated tons of social media buzz. With this edition of Eventex Awards 2019 ceremony is expected to continue this trend and reach 20 000+ event professionals from all around the world.

You still have the chance to amaze our stellar jury and the world! Registration will be open until 30th of November. Don`t forget to check our special offers for multiple entries. Go and register now at eventex.co



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