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Patrizia Semprebene Buongiorno - AIM Group International

Patrizia Semprebene Buongiorno is Vice President of AIM Group International and has over 35 years of experience in the event and meeting industry.

Founded more than 50 years ago, AIM Group International organises over 3000 events and meetings every year. The company won 3 silver and 1 gold award at Eventex 2020 and is currently in 3rd place on the Eventex Index 2020: Top 50 Event Organizers & Agencies.

Here are her thoughts on the current situation in the event industry and what the trends in 2021 will be.

You are one of the Eventex Awards 2020 winners. What does this recognition mean to you?

Receiving a recognition for our teams’ hard work is always a great honour and a source of satisfaction. In this exact period, though, awards constitute an additional propeller for the future. The future of the meetings industry is full of challenges, but prizes make this journey a little sweeter.

What is your “recipe” for an award-winning event?

Events should always embrace content, experience and feelings, although not all of them succeed in reaching top quality in all 3 items. An award-winning event has a perfect balance between relevant content, unforgettable experience and breath-taking feelings, with that extra touch given by going beyond the client expectations.

How did/does the current crisis affect you? How did you adapt to the situation and what are your plans in the near future?

This crisis affected the global meetings industry in a way that could never be possible to envisage before. All stakeholders involved in the events world are suffering from an unprecedented situation, in which they should adapt and find a new positioning. We tried to take this challenge as an opportunity, while evolving our services, shifting our mindsets and redesigning the purpose of our solutions, always keeping an eye on the actual goals of our clients. Here is a webpage specifically created on our corporate website, where we openly share our daily commitment on keeping up with the ever-changing world:

What do you think is the future of virtual and hybrid events? Do you plan to organize such events even after the crisis is over?

Virtual and hybrid are here to stay. If these are the only go-to formats we can exploit in order to keep being relevant and offer the best solution to our clients, the same formats will be integrated in future projects too. There could be communities that are not willing to go back meeting F2F out of concern or there could be clients who enjoyed the virtual side to extend the life of the event or expand their audience. Well, there will be plenty of reasons why virtual and online will still have a role in the future of meetings.

What do you think will be the trends in the events industry in 2021?

2021 will be the year of hybrid, for sure. Smaller live meetings held locally will embrace technology to be able and reach those stakeholders who could not be present at the venue, extend the lifecycle of the event and create new upselling opportunities for sponsors and partners.


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