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Patrick Roubroeks interview

Patrick Roubroeks is the Founding Director of XSAGA – a leading live communication agency founded in 2001 in Amsterdam. XSAGA is an Eventex regular and currently 1st on the Eventex Index of the 50 Top Event Organizers & Agencies across the world.

You are one of the Eventex Awards 2020 winners. What does this recognition mean to you?

It’s a privilege and an honor to be awarded by such a prestigious team of industry leaders. We are very proud that this giant production, from empty hangar to mega experience, is recognized in the event industry. With this recognition we can measure our creative output against the best in the world. However, the question should not be ‘what does it mean to us?’, but ‘what does it mean to our client?’. Because our industry doesn’t mean anything without clients who believe in the field of live communication!

What is your “recipe” for an award-winning event?

Write an award-winning case from the very first brainstorm. From the beginning you have to decide that you want to participate for an award with the experience. You don’t write an award-winning case afterwards.

How did the current crisis affect you? How did you adapt to the situation and what are your plans in the near future?

The good thing about the crisis is that it has accelerated us to the desired repositioning. We’ve had to reinvent ourselves and rapidly acquired ourselves the digital domain. It was an unwanted acceleration; we are two years ahead on schedule. But still, our goal is to keep going for special encounters. Whether they are produced online, offline or hybrid. Experience is everything. And everything is experience!

What do you think is the future of virtual and hybrid events? Do you plan to organize such events even after the crisis is over?

XSAGA has taken the first steps into the new direction. After a first kiss, there is no turning back…

What do you think will be the trends in the events industry in 2021?

The word ‘event’ disappears, and the word ‘experience’ will appear again. Experience is everything. And everything is experience!

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