Eventex Connect is the ultimate online trade show for meetings and events, creating a bridge between qualified buyers and suppliers across the globe. Like everything coming out of the Eventex team, this trade show is designed to be as accessible and beneficial as possible, to as many people involved in the event industry as possible, with the aim of helping them explore new opportunities and improve their enterprises. This article explains how to make the absolute most of your Eventex Connect participation.

Start by registering

Register for Eventex Connect here. You can join as a buyer seeking a solution for going virtual with their events, or as a supplier of such solutions. If you’re registering as a supplier you’ll have to choose the number of meetings you wish to have during the trade show.

Create your business profile

In any case you should create an informative business profile for Eventex Connect to increase visibility among the other participants and explain what you need/provide. Describe who you are, what you do, what you can offer to potential business partners and what you’re looking for. A good profile will generate significantly more meeting requests – it will be visible before, during and after the event.

Find what you’re looking for

Time to find the business opportunities that interest you. You have the option to filter profiles based on country, business field, organization type, etc. When you find a promising business opportunity, send a request so you can meet during the event. Be specific on the reasons for your request to increase the likelihood that it gets accepted.

Be proactive

To make the absolute most of Eventex Connect you should go through everything the trade show has to offer – check out who’s sponsoring, exhibiting, hosting a useful webinar. Everything you need to know can be found on our website. This means you can be quite proactive and plan your trade show participation in detail for even greater efficiency. Another neat trick is to share that you’ll be part of Eventex Connect on social media to generate some buzz around your brand and attract new meeting requests – don’t forget to include #eventexconnect.

Stay organized, don’t be late

This one is pretty important – you should never be late for a business meeting, so treat your Eventex Connect arrangements the same way. You will not be notified of your upcoming meetings, so make sure you stay organized. Being late for a meeting is a bad way to start any business partnership because nobody appreciates having their time wasted. We recommend showing up and joining the meeting room via its unique link (found in the Meetings section) a couple of minutes early. That shows class.

Buyers making the best of Eventex Connect

Our aim is to connect you to the suppliers that are exactly right for you, not wasting even a minute of your time. As a buyer you can have as many meetings as you wish, we’ve set the time per meeting at 20 minutes, but you are welcome to spend longer with suppliers that pique your interest.

Meeting the right suppliers

  1. Pick time slots that suit you. There are set time slots for the meetings, to make sure people can connect when it’s most convenient. You can select the slots that you prefer during the registration and make additional changes afterwards.
  2. Create a detailed profile. This helps you get more meeting invitations and make the most of your trade show participation.
  3. Find the suppliers that best fit your needs. Use the filter to find what you’re looking for. You can bookmark the suppliers that interest you the most, so you can arrange meetings with them afterwards.
  4. Invite suppliers and get invitations. Request and approve the meetings that make sense for you and arrange your agenda the way you want.

Suppliers making the best of Eventex Connect

As an Eventex Connect exhibitor you get to connect to buyers that are in need of your products, services, solutions. We’re taking great care to ensure that. Still, it’s up to you to show that you have something of value to offer the potential buyers. It starts with your business profile as your best bet at gaining the attention of the right buyers and making a great first impression.

Meeting the right buyers

  1. Pick time slots that suit you. Pick the time slots that you prefer. We advise going for as many as you’re comfortable with, so you can potentially connect to more people globally. You can make additional changes afterwards.
  2. Meeting requests and buyer invitations. If you think your solution or service is exactly what a certain buyer is looking for, don’t hesitate to request a meeting. Don’t forget to approve the ones you receive as well!
  3. Show your expertise. Show up on time for your meetings and present your product, solution, services, as best as you can. Make sure you fit within the 20 minute limit – if the buyer is interested in your offering, they can stay with you longer.
  4. Consider hosting a webinar. Eventex Connect offers some good opportunities for you to host a webinar on a topic that people in the industry would find useful. If you feel you have something to say, it’s an excellent way of reaching a wider audience.
  5. Follow up! No matter how many people you meet at Eventex Connect, following up remains one of the most important actions in business. It’s an essential key to success that can bring you really awesome results.

Don’t miss it for the world!

Eventex Connect is coming up soon and we’re pretty excited with the excellent opportunities it will provide for buyers and suppliers in the event industry. If you’re yet to become part of this unique trade show for (virtual) meetings & events, frankly there’s zero reason to be on the fence about this.

Register for Eventex Connect today – the sooner you do, the sooner you can start arranging your meetings, planning your agenda, and unlocking the full potential of your business.

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