Community Engagement Manager at IMEX Group

Suzanne Mulligan began her career working in media and public relations for NBC and Octagon Music before joining IMEX Group in 2010 as their first full-time US based employee. She spent 5 years speaking on behalf of IMEX and the hosted buyer program, traveling to 15 states and 3 countries.

In July 2016 Suzanne moved to the UK and soon after joined the Marketing and Communications team at IMEX.

In her Community Engagement Manager role, she’s focused on digital strategy, including video production and social media activity as well as internal employee engagement. She is passionate about employee culture and engagement and spends her days  thinking of new ways to generate happiness at work (in between posting Instagram stories!)

Suzanne is a Past President of MPI Greater New York and serves as a committee chair for the Lindfield Arts Festival, a local community event in her village.

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