Head of Operations & Events at Euroheat & Power

Silke is a “do-it-all” who loves to empower people and set up new innovative initiatives, sustainability being key.

She is Head of Operations & Events at Euroheat & Power, where she intensively works together on event and marketing, creating the best experience for all stakeholders. Her role includes the overseeing and management of the association’s administration as well as strengthening its relationships with members & partners. Ever since the start of her career she has been part of the association world and covers marketing, member relations and organises events around the globe.

Silke worked for several associations since 2000 and joined Euroheat & Power in March 2011 from Colloquium Brussels, where she was a Professional Congress Organiser. Silke was appointed to the role of Head of Operations, Communications and Events at Euroheat & Power (the international association for District Heating and Cooling) in January 2014, having previously occupied the position of Communications and Events Manager. Prior to Colloquium, Silke worked for different associations such as SEMI, where she was in charge of the SEMICON Europe & Russia Trade Shows; the European Wind Energy Association, where she lead the events and marketing team; and UITP – Advancing Public Transport, where she began her career.

She currently serves on the Boardroom magazine advisory board and completed earlier this year the Executive Master In International Association Management at Solvay Brussels.


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