Meeting Architect at Kenes Group

Rosa is the Meeting Architect of Kenes Group, where she advises clients and internal teams on how to design effective congresses and measure the results. She has a vast and varied array of experience as a practicing event architect, designing association and corporate events. She uses session formats, technology solutions and facilitation methods to create events that boost participant engagement and learning retention.
Rosa is a certified Digital Event Strategist and has created award-winning events such as new conferences for PANLAR, the Pan-American Society of Rheumatologists. Prior to joining Kenes Group, Rosa was partner of the Event ROI Institute, where she trained event planners at ROI Foundation Certificate programs.

She is also a lecturer and speaker at several universities and industry events. In 2013, Rosa was included in PCMA’s ’20 in their twenties’ inaugural class, which honors the top young professionals in the industry.


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