Director General of the Czech Centres

Ondrej Cerny (1962) has begun his career after the studies at the Faculty of Arts of the Charles University in Prague (subject of study: library science and scientific information) as a documentarist at the Art and Theatre Institute – Theatre Institute where he spent three years (1987–1990). During these years he successfully passed a state exam and got a doctor’s degree (PhDr.).

In 1990 he became an editor in a newly created magazine called World and Theatre. After this experience Mr. Cerny returned to the Art and Theatre Institute – Theatre Institute and for years 1996–2007 was a director of this institution. During that time he was also a director of two years of the Prague Quadrennial.

In April 2007 Mr. Cerny was appointed a director general of the National Theatre which is settled in Prague. In this position he remained to September 2012. Since 2013 he worked as a research projects operative at the Art and Theatre Institute – Theatre Institute. In addition to that he translated contemporary plays from German and gave lectures at the University of Economics in Prague at the department of cultural science and the department of arts management. Mr. Cerny also closely cooperated with the Prague German Language Theatre Festival in the field of dramaturgy.

During 2014 he started his cooperation with the Czech Centres when he became a director of the Czech Centre Munich. Since February 2018 Mr. Cerny is a director general of the Czech Centres.

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