Editorial director of Connect`s B2B

Matt Swenson is editorial director of Connect`s B2B publications and websites, including Connect Association, Connect Corporate, Connect Faith, Connect Expo and Connect Sports. He has almost 20 years of experience in journalism, having worked in a variety of newspaper, magazine and PR environments.

Matt came to Connect in 2014 after having served as assistant managing editor at Washington Post Express, a daily publication in Washington. In the role, Matt oversaw production of the news side of the publication, organizing coverage on everything from the Olympics to presidential elections.

At Connect, Matt has covered all types of event news and interviewed notables inside and outside the industry. He was promoted to editorial director in 2017 after working as online managing editor for two years. Two of Matt’s articles were selected in the Top 10 Events Industry Blog Posts in 2017, including the No. 1 story, which examined what Donald Trump’s affect would be on the industry.

Originally from Washington, Matt is now based north of Atlanta, where he lives with his wife and two small children.




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