Founder of Content Cocktails CoCoa

David is a very passionate on business interactions through designed, humane, and authentic event formats! In 2015, he founded CoCoA- a b2b experimental marketing events consultation company that provide designed programmes in the business events world. He is also dedicated in supporting  existing b2b events / workshops to help their audiences truly connect during their business interactions. He is currently supporting the Connections Travel events which are part of the largest European b2b travel media group- The Jacobs Media Group.

CoCoA is also partners with Mindmeeting to provide event content design and empower desired audience behavioural changes through tailored made moderation and facilitation of the event programme.

Previously David successfully launched the award winning educational summits called “IBTM Talks” with Reed Travel Exhibitions. These events were tailor made events that provided insight in the Global Meetings Industry. Furthermore, he has experience in launching and Project Managing “Evento Days”, the leading events industry exhibition in Spain owned and managed by Grupo Eventoplus.

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