Founder&CEO at BizBash

David Adler, C.E.O. and founder of BizBash (, is a veteran media, marketing, and event industry entrepreneur. He believes that event organizers of all types need to be “high performance collaboration artists,” and he founded BizBash in 2000 to further that cause. Since then, the company has grown to be the largest B-to-B media company for the event industry with over 2.5 million user sessions annually.

The company’s magazines, newsletters, web sites, trade shows, and bespoke events are all designed to allow event planners and producers to share new approaches and best practices as well as great venues and suppliers to inspire smarter gatherings of all types.

Franchise stories like the “Top 500 People in Events,” “The Top 100 Events” in cities and countries, the “Top Meetings in North America,” “The Top 50 Event Designers in North America,” and the “Top Venues and Suppliers” in a market have given event professionals a marketplace of ideas and resources that make their jobs easier.

While the focus is on event, meeting, and experiential marketing professionals, the company also serves the “hidden” planners who may not have the job title but who are responsible for most of the live gatherings on the planet. Adler believes that event organizing and socialization is as fundamental as food, clothing, and shelter as part of the human experience.

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