What’s new

Here’s what is new for the upcoming edition of Eventex Awards.

  • Extended eligibility period
  • Exclusive offer for this edition – 2 for 1 across all categories
  • New tracks – Virtual Events & Experiences and Marketing Campaigns


Anyone in the industry really can enter the competition. The top companies are already Eventex Awards regulars, but everyone has a chance of winning and that’s a proven fact.

Eventex Awards is a global competition with no geographical restrictions, the only requirement is that your entries are in English!

Any event, experience or campaign, or at least some part of it, that has taken place between 1 May 2019 to 28 February 2021 is eligible to enter.

The same period applies to the “Creativity & Innovation” and “Achievements & Results” criteria for all categories in the “Tech, Production & Venues” track.

Eligibility period (extended)

1 May 2019 – 28 February 2021

Key Dates

26 Feb 2021

Register now, pay less

5 Mar 2021


Mar 2021

Judging & Public Voting

Apr 2021

Finalists announcement

May 2021

Winners announcement


We’ve been doing this for over 10 years now. Making sure all worthy entries get the recognition they deserve is always our top priority.

The Eventex Awards ratings are based on 3 key criteria:

For Live Events, Live Experiences, Virtual Events & Experiences, Marketing Campaigns

Creativity & Innovation

Objectives, Planning & Execution

Effectiveness & Results

For Event Technology, Production & Venues


Creativity & Innovation

Achievements & Results

The Grand Prix group includes several categories including: Best Live Event, Best Live Experience, Best Digital Event/Experience, Best Marketing Campaign, and Best Agency.
By entering in at least 1 category within a track, you also automatically enter the respective Grand Prix category.
The Grand Prix Best Agency category is decided by the number of accolades an agency is awarded for their work. Gold Award: 100 points, Silver Award: 50 points, Bronze Award: 30 points.

People’s Choice group 
Each Track has its own People’s Choice category where the winners are decided by public voting. The People’s Choice categories are: People’s Choice Live Event, People’s Choice Live Experience, People’s Choice Digital Event/Experience, People’s Choice Marketing Campaign, People’s Choice Event Technology, People’s Choice Production/Supplier, People’s Choice Venue.

By entering in at least 1 category within a track, you also automatically enter the respective People’s Choice category for free.


We invite experts and professionals with years of experience in events to form the judging panel – event magazine journalists, heads of associations, representatives of convention bureaus, top influencers and thought leaders from the industry.

Each entry is initially assessed to make sure it meets the eligibility criteria and see if all fields are filled in correctly. If so, the entry gets approved and continues into the evaluation phase. If an entry gets rejected, our team shall provide feedback on the reasons it was rejected, so edits and corrections can be made before re-submitting the entry.

All approved entries in a category are then evaluated on their own merit and based on the set criteria, instead of getting judged against each other. The final score of the entry is the average score of each jury member.

In order to receive an award, an entry has to meet a minimum final score of:
Gold Award – 75 points
Silver Award – 65 points
Bronze Award – 55 points

Our Research & Development team spent years perfecting this process, focusing on better structure and more accurate, fair and balanced entry evaluation.

What winners get

There are many great benefits to entering a competition of Eventex Awards’ renown:

  • Amazing eco-friendly trophy delivered directly to your office
  • Digital seal
  • Certificate of excellence
  • Brag about your acclaimed work
  • PR and extensive promotion – through your own channels, as well as through the Eventex channels (social media, newsletters, media partners and more).
  • Year-round promotional campaign for you and your clients
  • Get listed in the prestigious All-Stars Index
  • Universal recognition of your work from the top-notch professionals in the industry
  • A chance to be featured in the Eventex Creative Week online series that everyone’s in the industry is talking about.
  • Impress your current clients and easily attract new ones

Entry kit

We prepared an Entry Kit that you might find quite useful if you wish to get additional details on entering Eventex Awards and creating your submissions (sample entry forms for each track included). You can now find the entry kit for Eventex Awards 2021. Follow the link below to download it.

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Our team is always happy to help, give you more information or advise which categories would be most suitable for your projects.

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