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The last couple of days our inbox exploded from emails requesting us to extend the deadline once again. It turns out that time is less those months of the year and since you’ve mentioned it, we listen and take actions. Therefore, we are extending the registration deadline until the 28th of December. However, entries should be submitted until the 30th of December. Please keep in mind those are the last and final deadlines.

Eventex Awards is more than a competition recognizing excellence in the field of events. Today it’s a fountain of ideas for those seeking inspiration and a showcase of the best practices, original ideas, and top innovations in the industry. If you want to further establish your name locally and globally as a leader in your field, there’s no better way to do it than joining the competition.

The 9th edition is going to be superior with over 20 000 professionals viewing the ceremony and the fact that it’s continuing to be completely online. This gives you the exceptional opportunity to celebrate with the world and your team – straight from your office.

No matter where you are on the world map, you are invited to join the elite if you:

  • are in communications, marketing, advertising;
  • organize events as part of an association, government, a private company;
  • supply services like audiovisuals, catering, set design, staffing, security for events;
  • represent a venue, a hotel or a destination;
  • provide a technology that helps the organizer or improves the event-going experience for the customer.

You can always send us an email to request help with choosing your most suitable categories – [email protected].

If you are already considered, register here.



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