Name: Bowie75
Agency / Organizer: Factory 360
Client: David Bowie Estate
Country: United Kingdom

To celebrate David Bowie’s 75th anniversary, the David Bowie Estate engaged Factory 360 to launch an experiential retail space in London to showcase the iconic impact of Bowie’s artistry. Each space encompassed both limited edition product launches as well as creative-tech integrated touch-points to connect Bowie fans to his legacy.

The David Bowie store was built to be more than just retail, but also a celebration of David Bowie’s talents and legacy. Through creative technology, gamification, and bold environmental design, the space was created to feel unique, unlike the design of many other stores in its location. It uses iconic graphic emblems inspired by many of Bowie’s album covers, imagery and color to bring to life an otherwise plain white space. Retail units were customised in shape and color to allow for more creative control over the flow of the space, presentation of merchandise, and to tie it strongly into the Bowie75 creative.

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