Dublin, Ireland | 25-26 January 2017

The last place you’d be caught napping! A format designed to connect with you and help you acquire new professional skills.

The new 80/20 format

A few years ago we made a fundamental decision – Eventex will be the event where you acquire new professional skills. Stuff you can implement immediately in your work. We re-imagined the whole format and kept improving it every year.

This time we’ve topped everything and created an event experience you don’t want to miss – the new 80/20 format!

80% Masterclasses & 20% Mash Sessions

Daily Agenda at a Glance

09:30 – 10:00 Energising opening

No bore-athon of tiresome speeches. We start your day with a quick energising opening that gets the blood going, the creative juices flowing, and keeps things fresh and exciting throughout!

10:00 – 17:00 Masterclass

You can choose 1 out of 6 available masterclasses for the day

Masterclasses are the heart and soul of Eventex. Each consists of a small group of 10 to 30 people and is specifically designed to help you acquire at least one new professional skill. Just take your pick from a number of topics for the day and enjoy sessions with practical know-how, interactivity, and fun!

17:00 – 18:30 The Mash Session

Simultaneous streams on different topics are great in theory, but you can only realistically follow one. It’s a bit frustrating really! Our Mash Sessions solve this issue – a totally new format for sharing knowledge and connecting with each other at the end of each day!


We know it’s hard, but you can choose ONLY ONE MASTERCLASS per day. Don’t worry though, at the end of each day we’ll throw an exclusive Mash Session – our new format that lets you learn things from the other classes for the day! The Mash Sessions will be moderated by Hans Etman.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Event StoryBoard Canvas

Master the benefits of co-creative and visual event design to create more meaningful, unique and innovative event experiences.

About the masterclass

More and more people see the benefits of co-creative and visual event design, but don’t know how to bring it to life in their daily work. That’s where this 4 hour workshop comes in!

We’ll work with the Event Storyboard Canvas – an event tool for co-creative design that enables you to create more meaningful, unique and innovative events. We will step into the audience’s shoes and design the customer’s event journey through their eyes, using the same methods used by leading companies in the event industry today. Another focus will be to ensure the event design has a solid ROI that serves both the client and the audience.

Major takeaways

You will leave with everything needed to design your own meaningful, unique and innovative events via Event StoryBoard (ESB) canvas. The workshop is 25% presentation and 75% doing!

  • Benefits and need of event design
  • Learn basic storyboarding techniques
  • Story and experience design through visual co-creation
  • An introduction to the power of positive, multidisciplinary event design
  • In-depth practice of the 5 ESB steps
  • Official ESB Craftsman certificate (e.10,- fee)

About Martijn Timmermans

Martijn Timmermans is co-­founder and creative director of The Red Line Project, an Amsterdam based events experience design agency. He started his career in experience marketing at Disneyland Paris, Marriott EMEA, and Singapore Airlines, before transitioning into events as a meeting designer and facilitator. In 2015 Martijn co­-founded Event StoryBoard canvas. A free, practical and effective tool that mixes creativity, play, and meaningfulness in meeting design.

Martijn believes the magic of storytelling is the Holy Grail of the meeting & events industry. Through it we can create events that deliver both the autonomous and the shared experience at the same time. He is often sought-after as a speaker to share his expertise on interdisciplinary meeting design, audience engagement, and storytelling practices.


To actually go through the process step by step really helped me to understand it. It’s certainly a tool I’ll be preaching to my colleagues. Simon Boniface – Creative Director, Freeman XP United Kingdom
The Event StoryBoard Canvas is a great visual tool that helps you to visualize and experience the event you are working on taking into account every little detail and open your mind to new ideas based on your audience. Paula Laborda – Workshop Designer – Accenture Lab

“A tool for yourself and also for your client, to hold up a mirror, gather input and ideas and bring focus: What is really the goal of the event and how do I achieve this? ” Holger Omlor, Head of Events @ EAIE, European Association for International Education

Martijn Timmermans

The User Experience of Events

A mind-bender on why a better user experience will increase attendance and generate greater profits every time. And how!

About the masterclass

Do you fully understand the attendee’s journey as they progress from hearing about your event, making the decision to attend, registering, attending, and spreading the (hopefully) good word about it when they get back home?

The aim of this masterclass is to provide you with practical, hands-on tips and tricks to help you sell more tickets, increase satisfaction, and waste less time dealing with complaints or answering emails asking for additional information. Moreover, these techniques apply to virtually any event – from professional conferences to private weddings, from webinars to product launches.

Most event organisers spend the bulk of their time preparing a good programme. But in fact, this is only a small part of what makes an event successful in the minds of those who attend. There’s a number of elements that can dramatically influence how guests ultimately feel about their experience.

Major takeaways

You will leave with a much deeper understanding of the event attendee’s journey – from hearing about your event, making the decision to attend, registering, attending, and spreading the (hopefully) good word about it when they get back home!

  • Avoid some common mistakes
  • Tackle issues you may not have considered
  • Improve the usability of your event – both online and off
  • Raise the take-home value for your attendees/guests
  • Increase overall customer satisfaction

About Eric Reiss

Eric Reiss has held a wide range of eclectic jobs: piano player (in a house of ill-repute), senior copywriter (in an ad-house of ill-repute), player-piano repairman, adventure-game creator, and stage director. His experiences have served him admirably as an information architect, although he can’t explain exactly how.

With over 10 years as chair of EuroIA – Europe’s first and longest-running user-experience conference, and as an invited speaker at over a dozen other events each year, he’s seen the effects (good and bad) from the vantage point of both a stakeholder and an attendee.

Eric has been actively and successfully involved in service-design projects since 1985. He was part of the team that made Scandinavian Airlines “Airline of the Year” in 1985. And a few years later, he worked with British Airways to accomplish the same following their privatization. Later, his service design techniques were used to train over 3500 civil servants throughout the European Community.

In more mundane lives, Eric has been a two-term president of the Information Architecture Institute and Professor of Usability and Design at IE Business School in Madrid, Spain. Today, Eric is CEO of the FatDUX Group in Copenhagen, Denmark, a leading UX company with offices and associates in over a dozen cities worldwide. He also has several books to his credit. You’ll find him on Twitter at @elreiss.

Eric Reiss

Event ROI Masterclass

Attend this excellent mix of practical knowledge and various exercises focused at improving event ROI.

About the masterclass

The masterclass will teach you the ROI methodology – a well proven and very thorough framework on how to be a truly effective meeting planner by maximising the value of your events and minimising the costs. It’s not a theoretical course, but an excellent mix of practical knowledge and various exercises, where you learn not only from Elling himself, but from your “classmates” as well.

You will gain solid insights from different types of events, like kick-off meetings, exhibitions, customer hospitality, product launches, congresses, live brand-experiences, etc.

Major takeaways

  • Sustain or increase event budgets in difficult times
  • Increase your number of customers by offering a competitive service
  • Understand your customers and their issues better
  • Focus on required business objectives and outcomes
  • Be measurable for results based on the money spent
  • Reduce wasted budget
  • Demonstrate that the events you organise are a good investment
  • Add an extra dimension to proposals – unique selling points that few competitors match
  • Demonstrate the higher value of your service
  • Increase the effectiveness of your organisation to win more contracts and clients

About Elling Hamso

Dr. Elling Hamso is one of the founders of Event ROI Institute – a partnership of European consultants dedicated to improving the value of meetings and events. Today the ROI methodology is the standard for measuring the effectiveness of meetings and events. It is endorsed by some of the largest industry associations, including Meeting Professionals International (MPI) and Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA).

Elling has a B.Sc. in Management Sciences and a Ph.D. in procurement strategy from Manchester University. In 2000 he started his own event agency in Norway. Before that he spent most of his career as a senior executive in the Norwegian oil and gas industry and later as a management consultant.

Today he consults and speaks on subjects such as ROI, event industry trends, project management, procurement and risk management. He has been Chapter President and a member of the European Council of Meeting Professionals International (MPI) and is currently a member of the jury of European Best Event Awards (EuBEA), Meetings Industry Marketing Awards (MIMA) in the UK, Evento Awards in Finland, Irish Event Industry Awards and Estonian Best Event Awards.

Conference & Incentive Travel Magazine ranked him 5th on their list of the 50 most influential people in the UK meetings and events industry in 2006 and Eventbranche magazine named him third among the 30 most influential in the meetings and events industry in the Netherlands in 2012.


“After discovering the ROI Methodology there is no turning back. It is a different mindset and not changed overnight but Elling’s coaching is invaluable. The rewards in terms of more cost effective events are substantial. Gradually our internal customers will also understand how our systematic approach to setting objectives and measuring results is the only way.” – Anna Johansson, Conference and Event Manager, Royal Technical University (KTH), Sweden

“My expectations were surpassed because even though we did already have a measurement system, we didn’t have a methodology. Everything seems to fall into place when you attend the course and it really enlightens you in a way that you can save time and improve results.” – Pablo Turletti, Karpa, Spain

“I have attended many training courses in my career, but in terms of practical usefulness and potential impact, this was by a clear margin the best. The simple logic of the ROI Methodology is fundamentally sound and therefore applicable to all kinds of events, in particular today when nobody has money to waste. It gives a company like our a process to demonstrate true value added to our clients.” – Nick Terry, Managing Director, Top Banana, UK

Elling Hamso

Sell More Event Sponsorship, Advertising and Exhibition Stands

Increase the sales and profits of your events.

About the masterclass

  • Would you like to be able to increase your sales and profits of your events?
  • Would you like to convert more sales opportunities, quotes and tenders into business?
  • Would it be useful to stop additional revenue opportunities from slipping through your fingers?

Then you absolutely need to attend this session with Andy Preston!

The session is specifically created for event professionals. It’s for anyone that runs their own events (of any type), or is involved in the sales process of events. Even ‘service’ staff in the event industry can learn a lot from this masterclass!
Andy believes everyone has a ‘sales responsibility’ in a business, even if they don’t consider themselves a ‘salesperson’!

Major takeaways

Among other things you will learn:

  • Why most events don’t make the profits they deserve (and what to do about it)
  • How to convert more sales opportunities into actual business
  • Understand the key drivers that sell sponsorships more effectively
  • How to convert more proposals and tenders into business
  • Learn the key sales mistakes most event companies make (and how to avoid them)
  • Close more deals and deliver more profitable events

About Andy Preston

Andy Preston is a top international Sales Speaker and Sales Trainer. Formerly a professional buyer, then the top salesperson in the UK, since 2004 Andy has now trained more than 100,000 people, in 27 countries. He has more testimonials and recommendations than any other Sales Expert globally – 315 testimonials on LinkedIn alone!

With 20+ years of experience in the event industry, Andy has tremendous expertise in sponsorship and advertising sales.

Andy Preston

Negotiation Dances With the Client: the Bid-to-Win Approach

Learn how to negotiate and win the bidding game every time.

About the masterclass

This masterclass is divided into two sections and provides knowledge that you can implement immediately. The first section will focus exclusively on the client, what they want, what they need and knowing the difference between the two. Linda will talk about different approaches of cities or destinations when bidding for meetings, as well as explore what is the role of the core PCO/Planner in the decision process when selecting a destination.

Тhe second section will focus in great detail on examples of implementing successful bid strategies, from analysis to event. We’ll also take a look at a couple of horror stories and learn from past mistakes. Last but not least, Linda will explain in detail how to prepare a winning bid.

Major takeaways

  • Learn the best sales approaches
  • Find your way in a very competitive market
  • How to provide the elusive added value
  • How to prepare a winning bid
  • How to stand out from the competition

About Linda Pereira

With 30 years of bidding in an international marketplace, Linda Pereira has unparalleled experience in negotiations. She is the senior partner and CEO of the L&I Communications Group. In addition to her long and respected career as one of the most influential voices in the meetings industry, she is also Executive Director of CPL Meetings & Events.

Linda has worked on some of the most emblematic events in the last 30 years, like EXPO ’98, EURO 2004, World Stage Fencing Championship and even EU Presidencies among others. She has played an active role in many major events and the bids associated with them. To this day bidding (and winning these bids) is still her main part of the job.

She is multinational, multilingual and multicultural, which in combination with her experience in the international political arena, gives her the perfect mindset for competing at the highest level today.


“Anyone who is serious about bidding for international conferences really needs to attend Linda Pereira’s ‘Presenting BIDS to win’ Master Class. The Master Class take-aways, based on Linda’s extensive real-world experience of bidding, will give attendees major advantages over their rivals, in this highly competitive field.” – Rob Davidson, CEO Mice Knowledge

“Linda is THE mastermind of event bids and she shares her know-how freely in a down-to-earth manner with the class. Only Linda can succinctly demonstrate how to sell the dream of a perfect event in the most engaging while captivating every decision maker. Linda uses her extensive global events knowledge and experience to make sure that every concern is addressed, every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed. This master class will give you the tools to do the same.” – Miguel Neves, CMP, Digital Content and Community Manager, IMEX Group

“Linda’s presentations are a mixture of personal dynamism and practical ideas. She is one of the few people that can tell people what they are getting wrong, without offending them. Her ‘Presenting BIDS to win’ seminar if full of ideas and tips that can make the world of difference. I think she is great at helping people have a fresh look at the subject.” – Paul Bridle, CEO Excellence Squared Limited

“Linda Pereira’s bidding training is not only an exemplar of professional training it is an highly effective guide to how to increase the chances of securing an increase in international association business. Linda has a totally engaging style of delivery which makes the delegates take note and interact but also equips them with a collection of business tips with can be applied immediately. I have engaged Linda on a number of occasions in programmes around Europe and she has received outstanding ratings on every occasion.” – Paul Kennedy, Director and Owner of Kennedy Integrated Solutions, Executive Chairman and Strategic Advisor of The Meetings Show

Linda Pereira

Winning More Meetings and Events for Your Venue

Learn about the most useful sales and marketing techniques that bring event business for your venue.

About the masterclass

You will learn various ways to generate event business for your venue, prospect for new opportunities, and develop lasting relationships with your clients. In essence – everything you need to know to improve your business revenue.

The masterclass will also focus on new insights and academic research from the meetings and events industry, to deliver some fresh and immediately implementable knowhow.

Major takeaways

Sources of meetings business for your venue

  • How to persuade past clients to bring their meetings business back to your venue (why did they stop using your venue?)
  • How to persuade present clients to bring new meetings business to your venue (repeat business, recommendations, referrals, testimonials, etc)
  • How to find new clients and meetings business for your venue (websites, databases, publications, networking groups, etc)

Prospecting for new business

  • How to identify the real decision-maker
  • How to prepare for face-to-face meetings with potential clients
  • Key questions that you should ask the potential client
  • How to negotiate successfully with potential clients (answering objections and liabilities)

Showing your venue to potential clients

  • How to prepare the venue for a site inspection
  • How to show your venue in the best way
  • How to answer the questions of potential clients

Winning new meetings business at exhibitions

  • How to prepare for the exhibition
  • How to sell successfully on your stand
  • How to follow up potential clients after the exhibition.

Developing relationships with clients

  • How to keep in touch with clients and potential clients
  • How to make sure that your clients think of your venue first, when they need a meeting room.

About Rob Davidson

Rob Davidson is the Managing Director of MICE Knowledge – a consultancy that specialises in research, education and training services for the business tourism industry.

His main areas of expertise are conferences and incentive travel. Rob has written six books on these themes, including his latest publication, Winning Meetings and Events for your Venue. He also regularly writes articles for the professional MICE press, including Conference News.

As Managing Director of MICE Knowledge, Rob has carried out research projects for a number of major business tourism organisations, including the Poland Convention Bureau, the Ireland National Tourism Development Authority, and the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence. Since 2002, Rob has been employed on a consultancy basis as Industry Analyst by Reed Travel Exhibitions, for whom he carries out ongoing research into MICE developments in Europe, The Middle East and China. He delivers an annual Trends Watch report every year at EIBTM in Barcelona – an in-depth look at the latest trends in the global meetings and events industry.

He is regularly invited to speak at international conferences on business tourism and to present the results of his ongoing research into MICE trends. Rob also teaches as a Visiting Professor in as many as six European universities, where he educates and inspires students of MICE management every year. He has been included in Conference & Incentive Travel magazine’s ‘Power 50’ – the 50 most influential people in the UK conference industry an impressive 5 times now.

Check out Rob’s latest book: Winning Meetings and Events for Your Venue

Rob Davidson

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Live Engagement and Gamification Masterclass

Learn how to use engagement and gamification to increase motivation, networking and learning in meetings and events.

About the masterclass

Meetings and events have the potential to change the participants, the organisation or even a whole industry. But how do we make that happen? The answer is seldom more or better speakers. By increasing the level of engagement we can increase motivation, networking, learning and participant satisfaction. The trick is to know what works and what doesn’t.

In this Masterclass you will get introduced to engaging formats that work. The focus is not on digital but on live engagement (so no apps in this session). We will especially explore how using principles from games and play (gamification) can create outstanding meeting experiences and results. And of course you can expect to get engaged, as we will try some successful meeting games and formats. The workshop is 25% presentation and 75% doing!

Major takeaways

  • Why engagement and gamification create better meetings
  • How to design a meeting or event using engagement and gamification
  • How to convince key stakeholders to use engagement and gamification
  • How to create a successful meeting game
  • Concrete examples from real meetings
  • Insight into different successful meeting games formats where you will also try the Meeting Design Game and the Mind-blowing Pitch Game

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in creating more motivation, networking and learning in meetings and events.

Anyone interested in being engaged and having a great time.

About Bo Kruger

Bo is a thought leader and creative powerhouse in the meetings and events industry. He used to work as an innovation and creativity expert at the Danish Institute of Technology, but has in the last 12 years owned the consultancy Moving Minds, where he works as a speaker, meeting designer, author and inspirator.

Bo has an academic background but has also worked with improvised theater for 20 years. He uses both his intellectual and artistic sides, when he works with clients like Ikea, MCI, ICCA and George P. Johnson.

Bo was the co-designer and facilitator of MPIs EMEC conference in Copenhagen in February. He has also played an important part in the development of the famous Danish Meetovation concept and won the Outstanding achievement award at the Danish Meetings and Events Awards 2016.


“I’ve worked with Bo on several occasions as a speaker in my conferences and webinars. I can’t think of anyone else who has such a talent to engage with audiences. The positive feedback from the participants after every event has been overwhelming. But above all, Bo is a great thinker with many innovative and unique ideas on how to design effective learning environments and incorporate game elements. Besides, it’s a breath of fresh air to work with Bo: He is extremely professional, easygoing and fun. I can’t wait to work with him again and I wholeheartedly recommend him to design, facilitate or speak at your events.” – Rosa Garriga Mora, Meeting Architect at Kenes Group

”I experienced Bo and Ann’s brilliant facilitation of the MPI EMEC 16 Conference. The atmosphere was electric, people were energised and engaged. I found it a great event to meet people at. I’ve been reading about meeting design for years. It was so fantastic to see it in action and the results it delivered. I’ve also been using some of the meeting energizer ideas, they work brilliantly.” – Ciara Feely Cahalane, Hotel Conference Sales Specialist.

Bo Kruger

Experience Design Masterclass

Gain insight on how to set up your events to really make people enthusiastic about your message.

About the masterclass

We’ll focus a lot on Experience design – a relatively new discipline, drawing knowledge from other disciplines like performance arts, lights, sound design and interior, but also psychology, behavioral aspects and the human brain. By understanding what experience design can do, you will gain insight in how to set up your events as to really make people enthusiastic for your message.

When Heineken wanted to motivate brand managers and directors to work harder for Sol beer brand, they could have chosen the traditional path. They could have designed a 4 month change program, that involved training, distribution of materials worldwide, and probably spend money on meetings with the most impactful team leaders. Instead, they chose to organize an intimate, personal, internal branding event for all senior marketers. That way they got to investigate the way these marketers could say yes to selling the Sol brand in their own market. Do you want to learn how to do this as well?

The challenging part about these meetings is how to get the right impact from such a gathering. The one thing you don’t want is people to go home afterwards with the encouraging words of their leaders in their minds, but the next day it is ‘business as usual’ for them.

During this masterclass we will go into various aspects of event creation: strategic perspective, event journey creation, experience design, storytelling, and ROI of transformational events.

Experience Design can be heartwarming and with a lasting impact. Your events can not only become more cost effective and inspiring, but they can be a great asset to your company and its message.

Major takeaways

  • Create more impact whilst designing your event
  • Learn how to connect audiences strongly to your message
  • Design an event journey that is unique and impactful
  • Learn about storytelling journeys for events
  • Learn about event plotting
  • Discover how to make people ambassadors of your gatherings

About Victor Neyndorff and Maureen Kamphuis

Victor Neyndorff is creative & strategy partner at MOVE People & Experience Marketing, based in the Netherlands. He works for clients like Heineken International, Google, Nintendo, Ebay, Adobe, Kentucky Fried Chicken and YouTube.

Victor is the winner of several creativity and effectiveness awards. He’s also an experienced trainer and speaker on content strategy, client relationships, creativity, change management and ROI.

Most of his experience comes from his work as a senior marketing manager at Procter & Gamble, Hallmark, and Heinz, as well as a senior strategist for communication agencies Publicis and TBWA.

Victor believes that events can only change organizations when the meeting designers better understand the needs of attendees and set the right objectives for the event owners. Events can only create real value when they provide stimulating learning experiences, evoke emotions and are designed to change the participant’s behavior. Victor knows how to inspire his audience, recognize new possibilities, and put learning into action.

Maureen Kamphuis is a creative director at Me&Maureen Experience Design, based in the Netherlands.

Her education is in Theatre Directing at Columbia University, School of the Arts, New York. Together with her team, she started making productions for theatre and for businesses that want to tell a story via live communication and events. Her expertise is experiential (marketing) settings and making use of storytelling concepts. She is the winner of several creativity awards and is an experienced director and casting director. Her work manifests itself on a transformational level, always keeping the strategic goals in mind. Clients she has worked for include Eurapco (Zürich), Achmea, Heineken International, UWV, Big Green Egg Europe and Marktplaats (Ebay).

Victor Neyndorff

Maureen Kamphuis

Audiovisual & Event Technology Masterclass

In this free-flowing session, meeting production expert Brandt Krueger will explain key audiovisual concepts, best implementation practices, and emerging event tech.

About the masterclass

Even the most experienced meeting and event planners struggle when it comes to audiovisual services and event technology. New technology is bursting its way into ballrooms and conferences all over the world – how can you keep up?

This session helps planners realize that audiovisual and event technology doesn’t have to be scary or difficult. You just have to learn enough to ask the right questions. No eye chart PowerPoint, no graphs, no math. In this free-flowing session, meeting production expert Krueger will explain key audiovisual concepts and basic best practices in an easy-to-understand manner, using simple graphics and drawings. This allows for participant-driven discussion, focused on what audience members want to know more about, rather than traditional presentation models. You can even bring along your most confusing bids and toughest questions – let’s see if we can decode them together.

To wrap up the session, we’ll discuss new and emerging technology to keep your eye on moving forward, including virtual and augmented reality, wearables, drones, and more!

Major takeaways

This masterclass will focus on technical meeting and event production and audiovisual and event technologies. You will:

  • Learn the fundamentals of audiovisual systems
  • Learn to better understand and negotiate their audiovisual contracts
  • Learn best practices for how to choose the right technology for your events
  • Feel more confident in communicating your needs, wants, and concerns with AV providers
  • Provide greater value to your organizations or clients by being able to explain the event’s technology needs and costs effectively
  • Learn about new and emerging event technology.

Who should attend?

This masterclass is specifically designed and aimed at meeting and event planners, not those seeking to get into the business of event technology. Any planner, of any experience level, can benefit from expanding their knowledge of meeting and event technology, and is one of the most effective ways to increase your value to your organization or clients.

About Brandt Krueger

Technology is part of Brandt’s DNA. Combine that with a degree in Technical Theatre and a core in Psychology, add in 20 years of experience in the meetings and events industry, and you get a powerful event technology cocktail.

In addition to being featured on numerous websites and in industry magazines, he’s spoken worldwide, including MPI’s WEC, FICP’s Education Forum, CMP Conclave, IMEX America, IBTM World, Eventex, Connect, Event Camp (London, Chicago, and Middle East), and even a one week intensive for government ministers and guests in Turkmenistan.

He currently provides freelance technical production services to a variety of corporate and association clients, teaches public and private classes on Technical Meeting & Event Production, and is the owner of Event Technology Consulting, an appropriately named meeting and event technology consulting company. More details and contact information at


100% of session attendees at IMEX America said that they were “likely to use this information in your current role”

Over 95% favoribility ratings at MPI’s World Education Congress three years running

“AMAZING session! So much solid, practical information. Presenter was patient with all questions & had a sense of humor with the topic.” — MPI World Education Congress Attendee

“Best session of the week, in my opinion!” — MPI World Education Congress Attendee

“GREAT PRESENTATION!!! Loved the format and the presenter’s style.” — MPI World Education Congress Attendee

“The AV session was great. Excellent presenter and good knowledge.” — BizBash IdeaFest Attendee

Brandt Krueger

Content Creation for Events

Explore the most efficient ways of presenting your event content, so that you are always using its promotional potential to the max.

About the masterclass

Events are great sources of unique and exciting content. Using that content, you can bring your marketing efforts to a whole new level. This masterclass will explore the most efficient ways of presenting your event content, so that you are using the absolute maximum of its promotional potential.

We will analyze outstanding case studies, learn how to use important tools for content creation (like Canva, Adobe Spark, Periscope, Wordswag etc.) and discuss how to “sell” the efforts for content marketing internally.

Attendees should bring their own laptop or tablet computer for the hands-on parts of the masterclass.

Major takeaways

  • Learn what the perfect social media posts look like
  • Optimize own content pieces
  • Understand how important visual marketing is
  • Learn how to give their event videos the right kick
  • Learn how to plan content and find the stories behind the facts
  • Understand how to provide engaging content that will get likes, shares, comments

Who should attend?

This workshop is geared to the specific needs of meeting and event planners, but it is also relevant to people in charge of digital marketing, social media and communications/PR. Attendees should bring their own laptop or tablet computer for the hands-on parts of the training.

About Michael Heipel

Michael Heipel is a consultant, trainer, and frequent speaker on content marketing topics. He produces content (blogs, videos, graphics) for customers like Handelsblatt publishing group, German Agricultural Society DLG and German Convention Bureau GCB. Michael spoke on content marketing related topics at CeBIT Hannover, IMEX Frankfurt, ICCA Congress Antalya and the Annual Congress Digital Marketing in Mainz.


“What makes this seminar so special is that all the tips, support and suggestions can be implemented 100% in your daily work. With his background in the events industry, Michael knows all the pain points and what needs tweaking.” – Katharina Spohn, mesago Messe Frankfurt.

“Michael is a very likeable, down-to-earth guy who knows what he is talking about. In this workshop you learn about techniques that absolutely everyone can implement in their companies – regardless of budget, skills level of the staff or resources.” – Nina Gaspar-Weise, mesago Messe Frankfurt.

“The Content Marketing workshop was: Concentrated knowledge, entertainingly presented with the option to cooperate and become involved yourself. This workshop will change your daily routines and deliver results.” – Mark Kessels, Converve.

Michael Heipel

Extraordinary Ways of Bringing Business to Your Venue

Join us as we analyse case studies, practical examples and top insights on bringing more business to venues and hotels.

About the masterclass

It’s fun, it’s interactive, it’s highly informative. Patrick and Pádraic will show you how to analyse in detail each step of the customer journey – from initial enquiry, through site inspection, to final billing, and how you can breath new life and disruption into every step of that journey.

The masterclass will be using case studies, practical examples and insights gathered over the last 25 years of running events from Beijing to Berlin and Boston to Bogota.

Major takeaways

  • How to identify the different customer segments that make up up the meetings and events market
  • How to prioritise the type of business best suited to your hotel and venue
    How to profile the various customer personas and determine where to find them
  • How to establish your own unique tone of voice and style to communicate and market effectively to these customers
  • How to create an overall organisation culture that allows for disruptive and innovation filling and servicing of your venue’s pipeline
  • What is the most effective type of sales structure, and how to establish relevant KPIs for a profitable business
  • What are the key characteristics and structure of your service and back of house departments and what tactics and techniques can you use to ensure they remain customer focused
  • What are the steps involved in crafting an award winning RFP
  • How to use digital marketing and in particular social media to maintain your profile in the marketplace and ensure your venue is always on the must consider list
  • What are key elements of a ”never lose” site inspection
  • How to create a cooperative community and network of partner suppliers and how to identify ”win-win” strategies for joint promotions
  • How to turn your billing and accounts department into a sales tool for future business

About Patrick Delaney and Pádraic Gilligan

Pádraic and Patrick are co-founders of SoolNua, a consultancy company for meetings and events professionals. Before SoolNua, they successfully re-branded 3 times – Delaney Marketing became Ovation became Ovation Global DMC.

In 2012 Pádraic was awarded DMC Professional of the Year from ADMEI, the Association of Destination Management Executives International. In 2013 Patrick was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from Reed Travel Exhibitions at EIBTM Barcelona. Their work has also won awards like the SITE Crystal Award and M&IT’s Best Marketing Award (with their social media campaign for Croke Park Meetings & Events, which just so happens to be the venue for Eventex 2017!)

For 20 years now they have been creating educational content for event professionals that’s both theoretically sound and practically useful. Today they are much in demand for advisory boards – EIBTM, The Special Events Magazine, IHG, FICP, etc.


“As long-time chairperson of ICCA’s Best Marketing Award judging panel and moderator of the live competition during our Congress, Patrick has helped make BMA one of our association’s annual highlights. Whether number-crunching the data to make sure the voting is objective, or giving an impromptu demonstration of how to correctly wear a sarong (!) when the technology collapsed during one finalist’s presentation, he’s always a pleasure to work with.” – Martin Sirk, CEO, ICCA

“The team here at Croke Park has benefited enormously from their hands-on, energetic sessions, all of which have been customized precisely for our needs” – Mark Dorman, Head of Stadium Business, Croke Park

Patrick Delaney

Pádraic Gilligan

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