Name: charity:ball The Gift of Time
Agency/Organizer: Trademark


The vision for charity:ball The Gift of Time by Trademark was ambitious: an immersive 360 degree visual story that transports 500 donors from the heart of the Mission to the fields of Ethiopia for an unforgettable emotional experience. The event included transporting attendees from the Mission District of San Francisco to a village in Ethiopia to meet the recipients of the organization’s work and truly understand the on-the ground experience of how access to clean water transforms lives. In order to transport attendees to the fields of Ethiopia and truly experience the communities being supported and work being done, it was built a 360 degree experience. Enter, The Halo. The Halo was a custom 360 film experience designed by Trademark that wrapped attendees in the experience and story of charity: water and the benefactors on the ground in Ethiopia.


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