7th Global Event Awards

Gain international recognition for your events and services!

Eventex Awards

The 7th Global Eventex Awards honor event professionals, meeting planners, promoters, and live communication professionals from around the world for their accomplishments in producing cutting-edge event experiences.

500+ entries from 50+ countries

More than 500 entries from 50 countries have been part of the previous 6 editions. Entrants vary from small to large agencies, associations, media, corporations, independent planners and promoters.

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40+ international judges

Key dates & FAQ

Events eligible to enter

All events from 1 September 2015 to 30 November 2016

Entry submission deadline

30 November 2016 (extended)

Judging & Public voting

2 – 12 December 2016

Awards Gala

24 January 2017 in Dublin, Ireland

Which events are eligible to enter?

Any event between 1 September 2015 and 30 November 2016.

Are there any geographical restrictions?

No geographical restrictions. All we require is that entries are in English.

Is the entry information publicly disclosed?

All entries become publicly accessible after the winners are announced, along with the votes and comments of each jury member. That way we ensure a transparent judging process.

Who will be evaluating the entries?

Each category is evaluated by 5 to 10 judges. All judges are assigned a week before the start of the judging phase, based on their respective field of expertise.

Before voting, each member of the jury declares any affiliations with the entries. Judges are not allowed to vote for entries they are affiliated with and in some cases for the entire entry category.

How are entries evaluated?

The evaluation process is conducted online via the Awards Management Software by Weemss. The judges evaluate each entry with scores from 1 to 10, where 1 is the lowest and 10 the highest. The scores are based on each category’s criteria. Judges are allowed to post additional comments in regards to the score they have given for each entry.

How are the finalists determined?

Once the judging phase is over, we announce publicly 3-5 highest average rating entries from each entry category.

Which entries are announced as winners?

The entry with the highest average score from each category is officially announced as the winner for that category. An entry must reach a minimum average score of 7.00, otherwise no winner is announced for the category. If there is a tie, the Delphi method is applied. Runner-up and third place are also announced.

What do I get?

The winners are announced at the awards ceremony in Dublin, Ireland on 24 January 2017.

First prize winners are invited onstage to receive a commemorative awards trophy. Winners get to make a short speech.

Second prize winners are also invited onstage to receive a corresponding certificate.

Third prize winners receive a corresponding certificate after the ceremony.

All winners get an electronic badge, which can be displayed on their website to mark the achievement.


Grand Prix

Best Event

The top award to win this year in the events world, this category honors extraordinary events that serve as a good example in the industry! All events registered for Eventex Awards enter the “Grand Prix” category automatically and free of charge. The winner is the entry with the highest average rating.

People’s choice Event

Audience is the judge and events from all categories are automatically eligible for this award. The significance of any event is the greatest when people recognize and appreciate it. Being a winner is a true tribute!

Conferences & Corporate

Best Association Meeting

Any professional association related event, no matter the industry, length, or frequency, can compete in this category, where we single out the most outstanding association meeting!

Best Conference

This category presents a global stage for organizers to showcase their conference, regardless of topic, location, etc.

Best Corporate Event

For professionals who specialize in internal corporate events (e.g. incentives, roundtables, cycle meetings, corporate parties). The outcome for the organization is the key factor in this category.

Brand & Marketing

Best Brand Engagement Event

Events that have strong post-event engagement or built great customer relationships fall into this category. Can be a digital or live event as long as it has a memorable long-term impact.

Best Campaign

This category is suitable for all educational, informational, advocacy, lobbying, or promotional campaigns.

Best Experiential Event

Events organized to create engaging experiences and emotional draw towards a product or service, are welcome to WOW us in this category.

Best Product Launch

This is where retail, beauty and fashion event planners get to show off. Mass or niche events, created to introduce a new product or service and deliver branded entertainment, will feel right at home in this category!

Live & Entertainment

Best Cultural Event

Parades, shows, art exhibitions, concerts, festivals and fairs, and events that promote culture or cultural sensitivity belong to this category.

Best Festival

Music, film, art, food or any other event that celebrates a specific theme can compete in this category. The more spectacular the better.

Best Sporting Event

All competitions, tournaments, marathons, races, games, team sports and other sporting events are eligible for this award.

Best Trade Show

A category created to showcase the art of demonstration! Trade shows and expos of all sizes and themes worldwide, are welcome to take a shot in this category.

Cause & Green

Best Cause Event

Charities and events produced to support special causes will be recognized in this awards category.

Best Fundraising Event

This category showcases the most meaningful and effective fundraising events around the world.

Event Technology

Best Event Mobile App

This category honors the most powerful mobile applications for events.

Best Event Technology

A category recognizing the most useful and innovative event technology solutions. Open for any technology for events including web apps, SaaS, mobile apps, hardware, A/V, etc.

Best Interaction Technology

A category of increasing importance lately, that recognizes event technologies focusing on user interaction or audience engagement.

Best New Event Technology

In this category we will be evaluating the top new event technology solutions or new features within existing event tech that came out after 1st January 2015.


A shortlist of all entries approved for voting can be found at event.gg/3359/entries.