Destination & Venue Awards

Gain worldwide recognition for your destination or venue

As part of Eventex, the awards recognize the event’s best home destination or venue.  Convention centers, hotels, or any kind of big, small, unconventional venue or a specific destination fit here.

Show your destination or venue shines brighter on the world map by including it in one of the award categories in this group!

Registration deadline: 28 December 2018 (extended)

Submission deadline: 30 December 2018


Gain worldwide recognition for your destination or venue and reach 50,000+ event professionals from around the world.


Some places are more eventful than others. You are among the most popular event destinations in the whole world? Go and get your deserved recognition!

European Destination

If you represent an event destination in Europe (a city, town, village, municipality or resort) that deserves this prestigious award, here’s the category to stick out.


Do you have what it takes to be titled “Best Venue” out there? Enter this category to show to the event world that you’ve got no competition!

Large Venue

Show any event organizer out there, your venue is BIG in every sense of the word! Venues with a capacity for more than 1000 people are eligible for this category.

Medium Venue

If you represent a medium-size event venue with a capacity from 100 to 1000 people, that’s the right category to stand out among other event venues of your size!

Small Venue

Small in size but great in value? If your event venue has a capacity for r up to 300 people, it’s eligible to compete in this category and prove you’re the best among your competitors.

Convention Center

This category is devoted to all the large and majestic venues built to hold conventions, conferences, large meetings, exhibitions or trade shows. If your convention center is among the top-notch ones in the world, here’s the right place to show off.

Historic Venue

A category dedicated to those unique event venues that have thousands of stories stored in their floors and walls and are time-machines in its own right. Old fortresses, castles, beautiful old operas, theaters, churches, or any other historic venue that turns to event space,are suitable to compete in this category.

Hotel Venue

Hotels are the home of so many types and sizes of events, that they deserve a category of their own. Prove no other hotel could compare to yours as an event venue!

New Venue

We are opening a new category for all the new venues that were established in the last 3 years. Here’s your chance to stick out and attract the attention of the events world, New Venues!

Sustainable Venue

The greener, the greater: a category to honour the eco-friendly venues with green practices and innovative approaches that protect the environment. Eventex prestigious and totally eco-friendly trophy is the perfect complement to fit your sustainable event venue.

Unusual Venue

This category is for the bold and extraordinary ones: those venues which are different, unique or unusual in terms of architecture, location, interior design or whatever it is that makes them “out-of-the-box” venues. If you stick out in this category, that’s an extraordinary achievement itself!

Versatile Venue

This category is for all those venues that can be adapted to and set up for different types and sizes of events: a feature most event organizers look for in a venue. If yours is one of them, here’s an accolade you’d love to show off with!

Enter The Next Level


Participating in an international competition of Eventex’ calibre is an exceptional opportunity to increase your global and local reach. With 50К+ website visitors a year, 22K+ community members, and an estimate of 20K+ views of the online ceremony alone, it is undoubtedly the biggest stage out there! Get yourself and your business promoted to world’s best event professionals.


Entering Eventex Awards not only has the potential to boost your profit margins, it also comes at a fraction of the cost of similar awards. If you want to further establish your name locally and globally as a leader in your field, there’s no better way to do it than join the most affordable competition in the industry.


Eventex participation is a statement that shows you take pride in your work and in your team, makes people trust you, value your opinion, and rely on your judgment more. So Eventex Awards is another great way to impress your current customers and attract oodles of new ones!

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