There’s the Oscars for cinematic achievements, the Emmys for television, and the Tony Awards for theater. And then there’s Eventex Awards for events!

We started Eventex back in 2009. Today the international competition is the most essential award in the world of events. The prestigious accolade is awarded for excellent achievements, high quality services, or technical merit in producing cutting-edge event experiences.

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We are immensely proud that Eventex Awards is synonymous with complete transparency. Every year we cherry-pick top professionals and influencers from the industry to form our judging panel. Once the winners are announced, every judge’s vote and comment is made public. It’s how we ensure the highest standard and integrity for the global event awards!


Eventex Awards is more than a competition recognizing excellence in the field of events. Today it’s a fountain of ideas for those seeking inspiration and a showcase of the best practices, original ideas, and top innovations in the industry.


After the success of the online-only 8th edition of Eventex Awards, we are sticking to this format, but making the 9th edition superior in every way. 

No matter where you are on the world map, you are invited to join the elite if you:

– are in communications, marketing, advertising;
– organize events as part of an association, government, a private company;
– supply services like audiovisuals, catering, set design, staffing, security for events;
– represent a venue, a hotel or a destination.
– or provide a technology that helps the organizer or improves the event-going experience for the customer.

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